For those living ultra demanding lives, it's essential to plenish your body with the right nutrients so your body can keep up with you. Plenish, the leader in premium cold pressed juices, is designed by nutrition experts to provide energy and immunity with two raw juices Lift and Boost.

Plenish juices

Plenish juices

Plenish is committed to using only 100% organic produce, which ensures every bottle contains up to four times more antioxidants nutrients than conventionally grown produce.

LIFT invigorates and powers the body throughout the day, plenishing with green goodness. Over ½kg of organic produce including pear, spinach, broccoli, cucumber lime and basil is pressed into each bottle ensuring a good source of vitamin C to fight fatigue and vitamin A that enables the immune system to function properly. RRP £4.95 for 250ml.

BOOST fortifies both brain and body, for mental and physical strength. Boost is crammed with ½kg of alkaline greens in every bottle, including cucumber, kale, spinach, parsley, lemon, ginger and romaine. It is a natural source of manganese, to protect your cells from oxidative stress and folic acid and to support psychological performance. BOOST is the perfect go to when you need to succeed in the gym and boardroom. RRP £4.95 for 250ml.

Kara Rosen, Founder of Plenish says "We know everyone is out there hustling and chasing their dreams. Most people struggle to get enough high quality vegetables into their diet on a daily basis and need a healthy, convenient and delicious answer. Our cold pressed juices are designed to plenish on the go - Plenish is the fuel for maintaining health so you can go out there and crush it, wherever your ambition drives you."

Chilled Juice Buyer at Waitrose, Chris Whittaker says, "We're really looking forward to launching PLENISH in many of our London shops this month. Green juices are incredibly popular at the moment and we're excited to offer our customers two delicious organic products by a great brand."

Plenish Boost and Lift will be available in selected Waitrose stores. You can purchase the full Plenish 250ml range from Whole Foods, Planet Organic and Ocado and their 500ml range and cleanse programmes exclusively on

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