The state of the art Psycle studio.

The state of the art Psycle studio.

Long gone are the days of terrible lycra shorts and saddle sore; the next generation of spinning  has arrived with Psycle.

Launched in February this year the team at Psycle are at the epicentre of what looks set to be the next fitness craze.

Based on Mortimer Street in the heart of London.

Psycle offers a new way of think about exercise. Rooted in the philosophical belief that your state of mind is key to how often and how hard you exercise, working out at Psycle is an experience like no other.

On specifically designed bikes all participants wear specially cleated shoes and collect a set of dumbells as part of this total body workout.

Riding a bike at Psycle isn't your generic spinning class. With unique soundtracks tailored to the exact atmosphere, day and time of the workout and hand picked instructors with bags of energy and an understand of how to prepare you both mentally and physically for an efficient session, Psycle classes run throughout the day and no membership is required.

Tim Weeks is the Programme Director at Psycle, he explains: 'As a foundation, indoor cycling is excellent- we're taking it to the next level by introducing seven workout in just one 45 minute class.'

Weeks is a former athlete and Olympic Coach and his specially crafted workout is designed to strengthen the body's core and tone key body parts whilst burning maximum calories. The team at Psycle are prepared to push your body and metabolism out of it's comfort zone in a short space of time.

But this isn't any old spinning studio. Riders can hand pick their bike when they book their space.

The studio is contemporary and epitomises the London style; with hand crafted furniture and inspiring artwork, you'll feel like you're in a gallery not the gym.

Psycle offer everything from beauty, nutrition to fashion assistance.

The ease of exercise at Psycle is essential. Each part of the experience has been designed to remove any barriers you may have that get in the way of stay in shape. And their moto? 'Free your mind. Transform your body.'

Bye-bye sweaty spinning stress and hello Psycle serenity!

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