Burn calories whilst you shop

Burn calories whilst you shop

If there’s never been a better excuse to shop it has to be that new research finds that each year 15,000 calories are burnt whilst we’re doing it.

Walking the average of 180 miles, the same as seven marathons whilst we shop till we drop is having a positive impact on the calories we’re burning.

So, those ladies, 27% of you according to the Walls Ice Cream research, who are so worries about fitting into their clothes on a shopping trip reduce the portions or even skip meals needn’t worry about it.

Solero’s research also revealed that a third of women, despite good intensions, snack while shopping on calorific treats such as crisps, chocolate and biscuits. 31% of consumers admit to eating over 250 calories while pounding the pavements, with one in ten eating up to 1,000 calories.

To help women feel great and make the most of their shopping trips, Solero has teamed up with Binky Felstead from Made in Chelsea and celebrity personal trainer, Laura Williams, to come up with the Solero ShopFit Workout.

This fun and easy exercise routine means that while shopping might be bad for your wallet, it’s definitely good for your waistline. The workout has been designed to burn 94 calories, which means shoppers can enjoy a guilt free treat at the end of a long hard day’s shop.

Binky and Laura’s Shop Fit Workout is so simple it can be done all the way from the changing room to the till, with exercises such as the No-More-Bingo-Wing Tricep Toner :

  • Holding a medium- weight shopping bag (1.5-2kg), extend arm overhead so that your elbow is pointing towards the ceiling
  • Slowly lower the bag towards shoulder blades and then straighten arm pushing bag back up into the air squeezing your triceps at the top
  • Do 15 of these on each arm

With more of us shopping online than ever – internet shopping sales grew by 8.7% last year – it’s important that we give our bodies a work out along with our wallets. The survey showed that while many women are tempted by the ease of online shopping, being able to count it as an exercise workout would encourage 58% to hit the high street rather than the keyboard.

“Many of my clients, including celebrities, admit they struggle to fit a workout into their hectic days. That’s what makes the Solero ShopFit workout so perfect, not only does it allow you to tone and burn calories but it can also be done while shopping, saving time and making exercise fun,” said Laura Williams, celebrity personal trainer. 

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