Written by Terri-Ann Nunns, Founder of the TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan www.terriann123dietplan.co.uk

Terri-Ann Nunns

Terri-Ann Nunns

Shopping – What woman doesn’t love shopping? Me, before I started my diet plan over six years ago now! I love being body confident and being able to wear figure flattering dresses to parties – The festive season is now even my favourite time of the year. The more sparkles the better! 

Cooking – I really enjoy trying new foods and learning to like all foods in moderation has been life changing for me. By cooking, I have been able to change bad habits and made positive steps for my family's eating habits too which was so important to me.

Enjoying grown up time with my husband! – Being more confident in the bedroom and not having to have the light off is great!

Educating others – I LOVE being able to use my own experience and struggles to help others to overcome theirs. It’s wonderful hearing those who have followed the plans success stories and discussing ways to empower others in similar situations.

Family time – The little things are the big things… being able to run around after the kids without getting out of breath and missing out on the fun stuff is amazing. Having four children keeps me super busy and I now even enjoy horse riding, climbing, dancing and generally messing around with them, which makes me very happy!

Being a role model – I'd like to think from my journey I am setting a good example to my own children and nieces nephews, and anyone who comes across the plan about both food and exercise and generally leading a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to me that others know that with a little help they can do anything they set their mind on doing, as there have been times in my life before starting the plan, where I felt helpless and like I would never be able to lose the weight.

Exercise – I literally love to exercise now and I never thought I would ever say that! But I really do – It gives me strength, energy and a feeling of empowerment… like I’m in control… and without it I soon start to feel lethargic and fed up. Exercise is a good part of my life that I wouldn’t change.

Hair and beauty treatments – It’s funny, as before my weight loss I wouldn't have dreamed of going to a spa or beauty salon, but now I can’t keep out of them! I love a weekly blow dry, fortnightly nails and monthly facial! Perhaps I sound a little high maintenance, but I feel as though I deserve those little treats being a working mum of four and having not known how to love myself for a long time – so a little bit of me time is fab! 

Being a social butterfly – I now look forward to holidays, events and social gatherings rather than hiding away and make excuses to get out of them. I love nothing more than getting dressed up, catering for my family and letting my hair down. 

And finally… I enjoy being happy! Does that count?! Ha! Prior to my weight loss I had gone years of not truly being happy in myself, and although it wasnt just diet related, I do enjoy the feeling of happiness that comes from the inner confidence I now have and believe in 'doing good things, brings good things'.

Terri-Ann Nunns, Founder of the TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan www.terriann123dietplan.co.uk

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