The coronavirus pandemic has left Britons struggling to find peace and serenity, as it's been revealed seven in 10 of us (73%) have experienced heightened levels of unease over the past 18 months.

New findings by consumer-focused cannabis healthcare company CiiTECH, behind leading UK CBD brand Provacan, has discovered that 71% of those questioned have experienced greater levels of stress and worry due to the events of the past 18 months. That rises to eight in 10 when looking at the age band of 18 to 24-year-olds.

Former Britain's Got Talent star and artist Nathan Wyburn, has teamed up with CiiTECH to bring life to those feelings, visually showcasing the transition from unease to calm through his stunning artwork.

The digital artwork is called The Journey to Calm and was inspired by real life stories of those who are looking for a more peaceful existence. Everything from colours, shapes and textures has been crowd sourced after over a quarter (27%) said their heightened levels of unease was best represented by the colour black and 28% used the word ‘knotted’ when describing their emotions.

The artwork took a whopping seven hours from start to finish, incorporating both non-traditional materials alongside the usual paint, including cassette tape, bottle tops and nails.

Nathan Wyburn said of his work: “It’s been an honour to use my experience of suffering with personal anxiety to create this Journey To Calm. The series of images are a mixture of textures, feelings, colours and emotions to attempt a visualisation of what it feels like from one extreme to the other.

Sticking to my niche of using everyday materials such as bottle tops, cassette tape, nails, cotton, and sun cream it’s also a nod to my previous work and style. Art helps me feel calm, it’s my release, so I hope this piece can bring clarity and help explain the journey to you - the viewer.” 

Clifton Flack, CEO of CiiTECH, added: “The research shows that Brits have been experiencing lots of unease and greater levels of panic, amplified by the pandemic. But it’s very hard to understand if you have never experienced it. We want to try and make these feelings more visible and accessible to all, so those experiencing unrest feel they have a support network around them.”

You can check out the artwork and find out more at

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