Abs are one of the most often asked about areas when people want to get in shape. Everyone wants to achieve that sculpted six-pack look. Abs are often a source of frustration, people spend hours on abs and never get the results they want. Savannah Wright, fitness model, influencer, and founder of the Get Fit With Sav workout program hears all the time from women who are frustrated and is breaking down a few common myths about abs.

Savannah Wright SAV

Savannah Wright SAV

Wright starts out by explaining that abs are largely genetic, and no two people are the same, so setting your fitness goal to look just like someone else is unrealistic. Four different muscle groups make up our abs: rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, and the internal and external obliques. We are born with connective tissue bands in the rectus abdominis that predetermine if we have a four-pack, six-pack, or eight-pack style abs. This is not something that cannot change, so learn to love and sculpt the body you have.

Next Wright takes on the long-held belief that abs must be specifically targeted every single time you work out. People think that if they do 100 crunches every single day, they will lose belly fat and get stronger abs, but that is not what happens, and often people hurt themselves. Consider a different approach and incorporate changes into your diet, lose body fat, eat more whole foods, less sugar, less processed foods. Combined with exercise you will see a difference.

Wright suggests compound movements for abs, training two muscle groups at once, for example, do a backward lunge and shoulder press at the same time to activate all those muscle groups. A plank-based workout, like push-ups, is more effective than crunches. HIIT workouts will burn more fat and be better overall. Work for other muscle groups, lift weights, add cardio, and squeeze those obliques. Anytime you squeeze those obliques you are activating your abs.

Wright encourages women to be proud of themselves and celebrate all their fitness accomplishments. It takes time for your body to change, be consistent to see results that are going to last. Challenge yourself, but do not obsess over it, you will drive yourself crazy. It is not healthy mentally, so be patient and listen to your body, if something is not working change it, try something new. Celebrate the fitness milestones you hit. Our bodies are a continuous work in progress, you are working to be healthy, and love your body, be proud of that!

Learn more here about the Get Fit With Sav program, and connect with Savannah Wright on Instagram and YouTube.



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