Have you tried pole fitness?

Have you tried pole fitness?

Inspired by the benefits of an all over body work-out that improves strength, flexibility and confidence, thousands of men and women are trying pole fitness, the new gymnastic workout.

Pole fitness is one of the most comprehensive and results-oriented workouts possible. It demands the strength of gymnastics, the focus of yoga and gets the heart racing faster than any treadmill.

Aurelian Sports, the new pole fitness and premium fashion brand, which has just launched the first solid brass Aurelian Sports Grip-Pole, believes there are many advantages to pole fitness.

The top five benefits of pole fitness include:

1. Strength

Pole athletes have some of the best bodies in the world because lean muscles are developed through performing many sets of resistance exercises whilst practice for a routine.

Resistance exercises are any exercises which cause the muscles to contract against an external resistance with the expectation of increased strength, tone and/or endurance. External resistance can be dumbbells in the gym or a fitness pole.

Just like in the gym, when you are pushing and contracting your muscles through weight sets, pole fitness puts your muscles through the same type of movement. Instead of pushing and contracting in the gym (isotonic contraction) you are using your own body weight to pull yourself up and let yourself down off the pole. It is the same type of exercise.

Whilst learning a three-minute routine during a pole fitness class, you will work multiple sets of muscle groups. The result is, after eight weeks, you’ll notice your arms getting stronger, your stomach becoming more toned and your legs looking better.

2. Weight Loss

In an hour’s class you will burn around 300 calories. The big plus is you will build tone and muscle in your arms and legs and strengthen flabby areas such as your bottom and upper arms, which can be hard to target at the gym. It also improves balance, coordination and agility and core strength.

3. Flexibility

It’s a fact: if you don’t stretch, the older you get, the smaller and tighter your muscles become leading to greater difficulty in movement. You basically start to loose ease of motion as your muscles become tighter.

It’s quite common for beginners to have tight shoulders, they can’t stand with their back against a wall and extend their arms flat above their head with their back flat. This is often caused from sitting at a computer all day. Office workers also have tight hip flexors from sitting in a seated position for many hours of the day. This is part of the reason why they can’t perform the splits. Pole fitness will help to lengthen muscles and unlock tight hips.

Pole fitness includes conditioning as part of the course. Additionally you can enroll in extra stretch classes if you need it. Stretching for just half an hour a day has been found to prevent much of the muscle atrophy normally associated with tight muscles.

A serious commitment and a disciplined approach to flexibility is required to achieve elite level positions such as the F52 AKA Rainbow Marchenco split.

4. Builds Self Confidence

Pole fitness creates body awareness and develops self-confidence. You’ll learn to see yourself. You’ll regularly be studying your position on the pole in the mirror, examining your own legs, arms, tummy, bum and even your toes to work out what your best angles are, how to hold a position and what moves you can perform. It might be hard at first to see yourself in the mirror at all angles but each class makes you stronger, more toned and more coordinated.

5. Become part of the sisterhood

There’s a real sense of community and a positive mentality among pole fitness students. There are now more than 20 Pole Sports Federations and thousands of studios all over the world and a large online community. It’s a positive group to be part of because fans are passionate about their sport, they keep healthy and are focused on getting stronger, more flexible and better at their tricks.

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