are you a sucker for a buffet?

are you a sucker for a buffet?

For many people- dieting is their resolution year after year- but its arguably one of the hardest things to stick to when there is all that Christmas chocolate left over just lurking on the sideboard. That is my excuse- but what reasons do other people use to defend their lack of weight loss? SodaStream reveal them all! Any of these sound familiar?

I’ve had a bad day- You are the one good thing going on in my life- Mr cake.

I always felt hungry- I have not heard my stomach growl in 10 years but sure- I’m hungry.

I was bored- Shall I go to the gym? Clean the house? Catch up on work? Or should I just sit and eat this share size bag of onion rings and watch TV? Why am I even asking the question?

I was eating out and couldn’t resist-What happens in a restaurant stays in a restaurant.

I haven’t got any will power- Nor do I have any size 12 clothes or recollection of what my belly button looks like.

It’s that time of the month, so I need chocolate- It’s for all the iron I have lost.

It’s rude to turn it down when someone has made it for me- I could have said I would eat it later- but come on- I could not have hurting someone’s feelings on my conscience.

I couldn’t resist- It was there, it was calling my name- it needed eating up.

I needed cheering up- Call a friend? No! Ask my partner for a shoulder to cry on? Wrong! Tuck into a share size bar of chocolate- that will fix all of my problems.

I find it too difficult to keep going- A week maybe and then I lose interest and all motivation- I can’t live in this carb free, salad infested world of misery anymore!

I enjoy eating unhealthy food or the odd treat- Salad tastes icky- chips taste good- why would I eat something that makes me want to hurl with every mouthful?

It was my birthday- Cake!

I’m in a bad mood with my partner- He called me fat- so I’ll show him!

I’ve been good and I deserve it- I threw some chips away from the take away I had last night- which obviously equals in calories to this chocolate bar today- obviously.

Life is too short- And I conveniently forget that eating all this bad food is making it even shorter!

It’s hard to eat healthy when it’s cold and wet outside- It’s snowing- I need carbs- lots of carbs!

I needed a sugar rush/energy- I haven't eaten or drank anything all day so that justifies a big fat chocolate bar to perk me up.

I’m thinking about food all the time- I pass McDonalds on my way to work, then my colleague gets a sausage sandwich for breakfast, then it’s another colleague’s birthday and there is cake- I am just surrounded.

Healthy food is too expensive- I haven’t been down the veg aisle since the mid-nineties but this pizza is only £1- the healthy aisle involves chopping, mixing, softening, boiling, simmering- my head hurts. Oven at 200- 15 minutes done!

I don’t want to be a killjoy- My friends were going out for a buffet, my partner was guzzling the popcorn down at the cinema too, we went out for a coffee and it would be rude not to have a snack on the side.

I was lonely- No-one loves me because I’m fat- so what’s the point in trying anymore?

I’ve got a hangover and I need lardy food- I know that a good meal replacement shake or bar would give me all the essential nutrients to fight the hangover symptoms but a greasy fry up is much more appealing!

It was my partner’s birthday- Cake!

It was my child’s birthday- Cake!

There wasn’t anything healthy in the cupboard- Meaning- I don’t waste my time in the salad aisle nor did I buy anything remotely healthy at the supermarket- so all I am left with is this curry ready meal- I’m sad- so sad.

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