How do we navigate the best toothbrush for us and keep it in peak condition? Uber Sonic’s Head Engineer Oliver Breit - creator of Uber Sonics award winning aluminum toothbrush - gives us some tips.

Take care of them

Take care of them

A brighter smile - the bonus of taking care of your teeth

Toothbrushes can be breeding grounds for bacteria and germs, which after time can build up to toxic levels. The main key to dental health is the absence of plaque. Removing plaque requires a dental clean during your regular visits to the dentist’s office, but the daily maintenance is all up to you. A plaque and stain free enamel will not only give you good dental health, but also make your teeth whiter.

How often should you change your toothbrush?

Studies show that the average brush life is approximately three months, if you are brushing morning and night. When a brush deteriorates it becomes pliable and therefore less effective at removing plaque from the teeth and gums. When the bristles break down they can no longer get to the difficult corners around teeth and can even cause damage when the bristles become splayed, as they can pierce the gum and cause infection. If you’ve been ill with a cold or mouth infection, it may be necessary to change your toothbrush earlier than you would normally, as germs can lodge in your brush and cause re-infection.

Electric versus manual toothbrush

A manual toothbrush requires you to actively move the brush across your teeth, however electric toothbrushes do the cleaning action for you. While brushing manually you tend to assume that you’ve cleaned in every area, which is not always the case. An electric toothbrush fits into the crevices of your mouth and around your teeth, making it a much more extensive clean.

Written by Uber Sonic’s Head Engineer Oliver Breit - creator of Uber Sonic’s award winning aluminum toothbrush.

Why Uber Sonic?

The Uber Sonic toothbrush has a unique sonic movement of  35000 vibrations/min and guarantees up to 7x more plaque and bacteria removal than a regular toothbrush. The brush heads come with protection travel cases.

Uber Sonic won the Red dot awards in 2016 for its stylish and unique design using anodised  aluminium, and its’ speed and movement ensure precision cleaning at the flick of a switch. Uber Sonic’s subscription service enables you to have spare heads, so that you change the brush head every month and you’ll also receive a free whitening kit. For more information on this state of the art brush go to:

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