LISTERINE® is unveiling new Advanced White mouthwash and have they've teamed up with leading beauty expert, TV presenter and co-owner of Wild About Beauty make-up, Louise Redknapp to exclusively select lipsticks shades from her brand to make your smile look even whiter. We've pulled together top 5 tips to help teeth look whiter and brighter.

Health on Female First

Health on Female First

Stop smoking

Smoking can permanently stain teeth and cause mouth disease. Smoking also causes bad breath which can be due to mouth disease

Limit your intake of tea and coffee

Tea and coffee, particularly black tea and coffee can stain teeth due to their tannic acid levels. To avoid staining teeth, make sure you limit the number of cups of tea and coffee you drink, and opt for green or herbal teas instead

Bush your teeth an hour after each meal

You shouldn't brush your teeth straight after eating, particularly if you have eaten acidic foods. Brushing teeth an hour after each meal means that the saliva in your mouth can break down and neutralise the acid

Use a mouthwash after brushing

When used in conjunction with brushing, a mouth wash with whitening benefits such as NEW LISTERINE ® Advanced White can help make teeth look whiter and brighter. NEW LISTERINE ® Advanced White uses essential oils to freshen breath and fluoride to strengthen teeth

Floss daily

Flossing in between teeth gets rid of the yellow plaque, which can make teeth appear yellower than they actually are. By flossing daily, it means that gums look less red, leaving room for teeth to shine!

Louise Redknapp says: "I truly believe the best beauty accessory a woman can wear is her smile - it's powerful and contagious. For me a bright, healthy smile begins with proper mouth care: brush with your favourite whitening toothpaste and finish with a swish of Listerine's new Advanced White mouthwash. Then comes the really fun part, choosing the perfect lippy to set off your smile.

"For the Listerine partnership with my makeup brand, Wild About Beauty, I've handpicked three gorgeous lipsticks that instantly ramp up the whiteness of your teeth and make them gleam. Colours with blue undertones or a punch of high impact colour work to cancel out any yellowing which instantly makes teeth appear whiter."

To learn more about Listerine Advanced White visit; and Join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #reasonstosmile.

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