Do you need to improve your fitness?

Do you need to improve your fitness?

One in three adults are so unhealthy they are left gasping for breath after running for a bus or train, a study has revealed. The worrying statistic emerged in a report which also found a similar number are exhausted after a quick trip up the office staircase.

It also showed that one in four had already been left red-faced in front of colleagues in the past because of their poor shape.

A study into the everyday fitness levels of 2,000 workers showed running the vacuum around the house for a few minutes troubled many.

The research, which was commissioned to mark the launch of LAX St Boltoph's new five star fitness club in London, found just a quarter of workers thought they were in shape.

According to the study, one in three Brits are so unhealthy they are left gasping for breath before they even get to work after running to catch public transport, with a similar number exhausted after a quick trip up the escalators or stairs.

Worryingly, 65% had cause to suspect they had low energy levels and four in ten have been shocked at how out of breath they've become after doing simple everyday activities like cleaning.

One in four has had someone else make a negative comment or express concern about their fitness levels.

Tony Orme, Marketing Manager for LAX said: ''We're very much tied up by busy schedules and a hectic day to day life but it's not necessarily a routine that keeps us in good shape.

''The results demonstrate a worrying level of energy in many of the workers studied, with day to day activities taking more of a toll than they should.

''When a lack of energy or shame surrounding our physical condition starts to negatively impact our personal, social and working lives, it needs to be addressed.''

The extent at which our health and fitness impacts on day to day life was demonstrated by 31%, who said they have avoided a social event for fear of embarrassment over their poor physical fitness.

And the average respondent could only manage five press-ups and nine sit ups comfortably, it emerged.

As well as avoiding work social events incorporating physical activity like bowling or team events, one in four workers had already experienced embarrassment in front of colleagues in the past because of their fitness.

Perhaps no surprises then that the average worker, when asked to rate themselves in terms of their physical condition, marked themselves at just 47%.

And more than half of the study reported that their fitness level directly has an impact on their confidence levels overall. Of those, 47% described their current exercise regime as non-existent.

However, there is hope - over a quarter are exercising regularly and one in five even making time for a workout before heading into the office, with regimes kicking off at 6.45am on average.

More than half the study believed that increasing the amount of exercise they do would improve their sharpness and performance at work as well upping their energy levels.

While 44% were convinced in exercise's ability to increase their overall happiness and a similar number said it would increase their attractiveness.

Those who catch a bus to work are most likely to describe their current exercise regime as non-existent and suffer the lowest energy levels.

While those who commute by train were most likely to have been embarrassed by their fitness and car drivers were most likely to feel out of shape the most

Steve Sharp Senior General Manager at LAX added: ''There is a clear correlation between regular exercise and positive working performance and it's something that can be easily incorporated into even the most hectic of routine - and doesn't have to cost a fortune."


1. Running for the bus
2. Going up the stairs
3. Running to catch the train
4. Carrying heavy shopping
5. Dancing
6. Walking up the stairs in your office
7. Sex
8. Cleaning
9. Gardening

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