Again, for those unfamiliar with the water challenge, it's a simple to understand concept. Eat what you like, but for two weeks drink nothing but water.

I can now say that I have successfully survived a full two weeks on the challenge, and couldn't feel prouder.

Today, I kicked my morning off with a cup of coffee, and it felt brilliant, as if it were the first cup of coffee I'd ever tasted.

At lunch, I decided to have a Galaxy milkshake. It was imperative to treat myself after 14 days of drinking nothing but water. But, with all that said, I'm also on my third bottle of water so far today.

Taking part in the water challenge - I thought - was going to be one of the biggest struggles I've faced. Luckily for me, it was a little easier than that, but still a tough task when the weekends came around.

After my milkshake and lunch, I admit I felt a little groggy. It was as if I'd eaten far too much, though all I'd had was a regular and a sandwich.

With my body now used to the consumption of water only, it'll probably take a bit of getting used to caffeine, milk and such going forward.

Knowing that I can now be quite satisfied drinking just water, I will continue in keeping it my main source of fluids. If it keeps me healthy, why not? Sure, I'll get myself the odd milkshake from time to time and I may be tempted into drinking a little bit of cider on the weekends, but taking part in this challenge has really opened the doors to a healthier drinking lifestyle for me.

Last week I said I couldn't see myself doing this full-time, and though this is still true, I'm a lot more open to it than I was before.

I'm taking part in the Water Challenge in association with the Natural Hydration Council who provided advice on hydration ( Details on the challenge can be found at

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