Sleep is an important factor in all of our lives but if you find it hard to drift off to sleep or wake up during the night, it can become a time that you dread. Swedish based company, WellBeMed, may have the answer to a more relaxed bedtime routine in the form of their recently launched WellBeSleep® Shots and WellBeSleep® Bar. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Based on research from Lund University, WellBeMed have developed the WellBeSleep® products which is a range of tasty products to savour before bedtime. The products are innovative in format, beautifully packaged, delicious and made for individuals who sometimes experience difficulties falling asleep. 

“We wanted to create healthy, well documented products that can help against lifestyle-related health problems. Both WellBeSleep® products were developed with the aim of becoming a recurring part of people’s evening bedtime routines. And using one of nature’s own resources, lemon balm, we were able to create delicious products that help people wind down before bedtime,” says Victoria Lagnevik, Managing Director at WellBeMed.

The WellBeSleep® shots and the WellBeSleep® dark chocolate/oat bar all contain the ingredient of lemon balm which is a herb that has been used over the centuries for its calming effect so helps to contribute to a better rest. 

“Our WellBeSleep® shots mix lemon balm with hops to create the best possible conditions for falling asleep with ease and in addition our WellBeSleep® Bar consists of oats and oat fibre that also affect your health in a positive way. We recommend that you drink or eat the WellBeSleep® products thirty minutes before you go to sleep. This allows the lemon balm to help relax the mind and body, says Victoria Lagnevik.

WellBeSleep products are already popular throughout Sweden and the hope is the products will be equally as successful in the United Kingdom. Both products are available from Ocado, costing £1.99 for the WellBeSleep® Shot (60ml) and £1.99 for the WellBeSleep® Bar (32g).

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