Find out more about this fast moving sport that’s growing in the UK

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams

Sweeping across the country is a unique sport, Ultimate. A testament to its popularity, Ultimate is played by millions all over the world, and has even a star following with Hollywood stars like Rachel McAdams, who professes to enjoy playing the sport to wind down in between takes when filming[1].

Often a mixed gender team, this sport is fast moving and a great work out. Played in teams of up to seven players on a field similar in size to a football pitch, this is a great team building sport. Through an instructional video by Ultimate UK and Freedom Polarised sunglasses, you will learn the general rules of Ultimate – how to throw a disc, what is deemed a foul and the simple point system.

The sport is easy and fun to play, with spirit of the game being paramount. Even at World competitions there are no referees, which sets it apart from other competitive team sports.

You don’t need to be a professional to play the game, the video proves all you need to do is put on your sports kit, grab a disc and don't forget your sunglasses!

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