For those with eczema, psoriasis and rosacea the Christmas season can wreak havoc on sensitive skin. From spending hours in the kitchen basting the Christmas turkey, indulging on mulled wine, braving icy outdoor temperatures or perhaps getting a little bit stressed by the in-laws. Itchy, irritated, flushed or perhaps scaly skin can overshadow the positives the season brings.

To help you keep skin problems like eczema, psoriasis and rosacea at bay this Christmas, Dermalex has provided a roundup of skin tips:

Take care of your skin this winter

Take care of your skin this winter

  • Keep calm its Christmas! People with rosacea produce greater nerve, blood flow and sweating responses than those without the disorder when exposed to increased heat or stress. Take a few minutes to calm yourself down and you skin should calm with you.
  • Turn down the heat. Avoid overzealous central heating indoors or spending too much time by the oven as overheating can dry the skin and trigger eczema flare ups. Heat often brings on the signs and symptoms of rosacea too.
  • Watch out for perfumes and cosmetics. Perfumes and cosmetics with alchohol and fragrances cause the skin to become irritated, especially for those suffering from rosacea. But, you don't have to sacrifice your scent; opt for alcohol free perfumes or scented body oils that hydrate the skin too.
  • Re-thinking drinking. While beer, wine or cocktails play a role at many Christmas parties and events, rosacea and psoriasis sufferers may be prone to alcohol-related flare-ups. Have a glass of ice water in between each alcoholic drink the water will keep you hydrated and the ice will keep you cool.
  • Layer up. Layers of clothing and a scarf are great ways to shield your face from the elements, however some materials can be irritating, and worsen conditions like eczema. Be wary of wool and nylon which are among the main offenders.
  • Stay hydrated. Dehydration can make skin appear dry and wrinkles look more apparent. Make sure you drink the the recommended eight glasses of water a day to keep skin looking supple.
  • Cool down. Hot showers may feel good on a cold morning, however prolonged exposure to hot water robs the skin of moisture. Keep your showers lukewarm and short.

Dr Johanna Ward, GP and skincare expert to Dermalex advises "Use a gentle cream cleanser and look at the over the counter products specifically designed for sensitive and irritated skin conditions, such as Dermalex. Avoid skincare products containing: Alcohol, witch hazel, eucalyptus, sodium laurel sulphate, paraben and lanolins, as these can irritate sensitive skin and trigger flare ups."

Dermalex is here to help. The Dermalex range includes steroid free, natural, clinically proven treatments that can be used alongside other products or as standalone treatments. The creams use a unique Barrier Repair Accelerating Complex that activates the skin's own repair mechanism to help reduce inflammation and new flare ups as well as forming a moisturising micro-shield on the skin that calms and soothes:

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