How often do you transform your body?

How often do you transform your body?

Forget the likes of Anne Hathaway and Renee Zellweger who changed their body for a role, compared to that of British women, it seems like a walk in the park.

New research found that British women aim to change their body’s appearance an average of five times each year.

That’s according to new research from leading flexible fitness provider, who surveyed 1,000 British women to reveal the frequency and reasons why body renovations are all the rage, all the time. 

Over half of British women admitted to attempting at least five body changes throughout the year, compared to their male counterparts, who only go through an average of two transformations. Taking it to the extreme, almost one in 10 women went on a body makeover mission seven times each year.  

As the summer months creep ever closer, women all over the UK are gearing up for the holiday season, and while it’s the most sought-after physique, the ‘beach body’  isn’t all that’s on the agenda for 2013. 

The ‘wedding body’ and the ‘post break-up body’ are on the hit list too, and don’t forget the ‘post-baby body’ and the ‘meet the parents body’, as ladies all over the land look to impress their potential future in-laws.

The ‘Five Body Britain’ breakdown is as follows – including comments on how to achieve each body type from Personal Trainer and Physique Specialist, Robbie Thompson:

THE BEACH BODY (60%) – 9 weeks spent
From carnival to the Caribbean, Bajan beauty Rihanna was the envy of 82% of the women surveyed and takes the title of ‘perfect beach body’.

Focus on cleaning up your diet, which will reduce bloating and let you start to burn fat. Increase your fat burning potential by doing compound exercises like squats and rows. Once you've done these you can include exercises for arms, shoulders and abs, like lateral raises, tight push-ups, dumbbell curls and leg raises. 

THE WEDDING BODY (59%) – 8 weeks spent
Whether you’re looking to wow saying your vows or be the first to the bouquet, a third of British women will be aiming to get their bodies Wedding-ready this year.   

Looking good in your dress is as all about posture, as well as cleaning up your diet and doing circuit-based resistance training, include exercises like wall slides and reverse dumbbell flyes to pull your shoulders back into position impress in that dress.

THE POST BREAK-UP BODY (33%) – 4 weeks spent 

Jennifer Aniston has been there and done that, following well-publicised break-ups with the likes of Brad Pitt and John Mayer. The former Friends star has hit back with a ‘post-break up body’ that 79% of British women desired. 

Put down the ice cream spoon and eat plenty of protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates while in training – it’s the ideal way to get your body back to being an anabolic, muscle-building, fat-burning machine. 

THE POST BABY BODY (29%) – 12 weeks spent 

We’ve seen ‘the battle of the bumps’ take place this year, featuring Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton. Of the women surveyed, 65% fancied Kate’s chances of returning to her body’s former glory quicker than Kim.

Gradually increase your activity levels, and as with any fat-burning programme, include plenty of compound exercises like squats and rows. Pay particular attention to stabilising your core throughout and include exercises like planks to help get your core firing and firm up your tummy.

THE REUNION BODY (26%) – 2 weeks spent 
Whether you’re meeting up with old school friends, visiting former colleagues or gearing up for a full-blown arena tour, the reunion body is on the cards for a quarter of British women this year. So whether you’re Claire from Steps, or just Andrea from Altrincham, women are keen to impress blasts from their pasts.

Do what all your former classmates aren't! Ditch the wine and ready meals every night - eat fresh and get active – whether you join a class or hit the treadmill solo, you’ll reap the benefits with just a little effort.   

Jamie Ward, Co-Founder of said: “It seems that for the most part, women are gearing up for specific events or occasions and undertaking exercise in shorter, sharp bursts, rather than for a prolonged period. 

"With the increase in celebrity fitness trends and endless photos shared on social media, it’s no surprise that women are setting themselves these goals and doing what they can to achieve them.” 

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