Brits worry about exercise more than they actually do it

Brits worry about exercise more than they actually do it

We need to lighten up when it comes to exercise according to new research, as over a third of us have admitted to taking it too seriously, and nearly two thirds come up with weekly excuses to avoid it completely.

The poll also revealed one third of us spend more time worrying about exercise than actually doing it.

Tiredness was the ultimate excuse, with bad weather and feeling unwell next on the list.  Other excuses ranged from bizarre to plain lazy…with ‘a piece of cake is calling’, ‘broken shoelaces’ and ‘too much ironing’ featuring in the poll.

Whilst three quarters of us admit we invent excuses to avoid exercise for our personal benefit only, nearly one in four conjure them up for the benefit of their partners.  It’s not just excuses either – with one fifth of us having lied about doing exercise when we haven’t done any at all.

“We’re forgetting the fun side of exercise and either taking it far too seriously or conjuring up a raft of excuses to avoid it entirely.  We want the nation to lighten up and enjoy themselves, whether that’s going for a short run or hitting the gym,” said Jonathan Quint, Marketing Manager for Saucony UK and Ireland, who conducted the research.


Nick Anderson, Saucony Coaching Ambassador and founder of fitness coaching company Running With Us, gives his top tips for ditching the excuses and enjoying exercise:

Buddy up with reliable friends who will stick to a training session meet up.  If not, Hyde Park is like the M25 for runners – you’ll never be alone which can help with motivation

Treat it like a meeting – Ring fence time as a standing meeting with your Saucony Kinvara 4’s even if it is just a 15-20 minute run
Remember that however short your burst of exercise, it will always make you feel good

Don’t forget to snack and hydrate – being fed and watered helps you to stay energised. Don’t let being disorganised with nutrition be an excuse

Have a goal no matter how small – be realistic. Or have a cause and a reason to do your exercise. Don’t do it just for the sake of it

Make it fun – Run with a smile. Love every run and make every run countRun in your favourite park

Choose a new route every day

Run off road
Take your running shoes on holiday with you to explore and enjoy new surroundings

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