Dust mites love to breed in between the sheets

Dust mites love to breed in between the sheets

More than half of Brits are sleeping in dirty sheets and women are the guilty sex when it comes to not changing them regularly, according to new research. 

The Dunelm Mill House Proud Report, conducted by YouGov, has revealed the housekeeping habits of over 2,000 British adults to get between the covers with Brits and expose the nation’s bed sheet changing habits.

As a nation we’ve got some serious work to do to get up to the standards of TV’s Kim and Aggie. Just 2 in 5 of us are managing to change our sheets weekly in line with the cleaning gurus’ recommendation, 36% perform the task fortnightly, whilst shockingly, 17% of us fall far short of the mark and admit to changing dirty sheets just once a month or even less frequently.

Carole Brown, the spokesperson for Dunelm Mill commented:

“Resting your head on fresh sheets is one of life’s simple pleasures which should not be underestimated. Seeing as we spend about a third of our lives asleep it is important to have good bedroom hygiene and change the sheets regularly.

Our research shows that there is room for improvement in British bed changing habits. We homeowners need to treat our households like the fortresses they are, and that means keeping them clean.”

Women were revealed to be the more lax of the two sexes when it came to bedroom hygiene. Over half of women do not clean their sheets weekly, with 12% changing the sheets once a month and 1% admitting to never changing them at all. Men, on the other hand, were crowned kings of clean, with 40% changing the sheets with weekly regularity, and a further 8% managing to do it even more frequently than that.

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