Who needs the internet or modern technology when you have the hands and knowledge of your own father?

Home and Garden on Female First

Home and Garden on Female First

A new study found that 63 per cent of youn people are still turning to their dad first on all matters of DIY.

Whilst youngsters make up the largest group needing fatherly assistance, a third of those in their thirties and forties also show how important the traditional fatherly role still is in this aspect of our modern lives.

The research carried out by leading decoration preparation brand Polycell, also revealed that Fathers play a massive role in terms of practical knowledge and also giving recognition, with 1 in 5 DIYers needing a fatherly pat on the back to feel proud when they've done a DIY job properly.

Matt Gray, from Polycell's DIY Dad service comments: "It's important that while fathers take a well earned break this Sunday, we are on hand to offer support and guidance to those attempting to do-it-themselves. We can offer hints and tips to help Brits do a DIY job that they and their fathers can be proud of."

The areas of the UK where fathers play the biggest role and impart these traditional skills are Northern Ireland with West Midlands seemingly needing the least help from their dads.

Polycell Senior Brand Manager, Samantha Balloch says, "It's nice to so many men are still turning to their fathers for advice. It clearly proves when it comes to DIY people still believe that dad really does know best!"

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