Most Spiders are beneficial, keeping flies and other pests under control. Unfortunately, many humans are terrified of the little eight legged caretakers.

It may be tempting to just squash the little critter, but what has it done to you? If you can't even stand the thought or catching one in a glass, try these tips to keep spiders out of your home.

1. Keep your house clean. Vaccum and clear away all webs, egg cases, and dust frequently behind furniture and boxes. Hose off the putside, too, to get rid of any webs there.

2. Get rid of the Spiders food sources. Roaches, flies, moths - Spiders will eat most creepy crawlies, so getting rid of these stops the spiders from coming back.

3. Remove any junk from the garden. Boxes, piles of logs, rubbish rocks - All these provide a place for spiders to live and attract them to your home.

4. Replace outdoor lights with yellow ones like street lights. These are less likely to attract pests, which will attract spiders

5. Remember to shake out anything that's been in storage for a while. Especially clothes, shoes and bedlinen.

All spiders are piosonous, but unless you have a serious alergy to the toxin (which is rare) a spider bite, in the UK, at least is unlikely to hurt. At the worst, it'll feel like a bee sting. Even if you are in a place inhabited by the famous Black Widdow spider (or unlucky enough to encounter one in the UK) whose bites can be extremely painful, She'll only bite you if you annoy her or put her eggs in danger. If your DO get