If you’re still living with your parents or have a room in a house share- you have a very specific space that’s yours. Even if you live with a partner in a large house with many room- chances are you have a space to call your own. Cleaning that space can have so many benefits to both the body and mind. Here’s why:

Home and Garden on Female First

Home and Garden on Female First

It gives you mental clarity- If you live in a cluttered space- and you have a lot of stuff going on ‘upstairs’, one will battle with the other and you will never find any peace. If you clean your designated area you have a clean canvas with which to explore your thoughts in without being distracted by other tasks and adding to your workload.

It makes you feel back in control- If your life has taken a turn for the worst lately and you feel you’ve lost your grip a little, having a clean and organised space will make you gain back that control in one area of your life. This could well filter into other areas so you feel you can take charge of more than just this one thing.

Once it’s done- it takes very little to keep on top of it- Once you have cleared way the clutter, taken away the thick layers of dirt and organised your world- it’s little and often thereafter. You will never have such a big job again if you regularly maintain it.

It makes better use of your time- If you need something and you exactly where it is- you don’t have to spend time looking for it and being distracted by other things you find on your search. You time is yours because you aren’t on a constant hunt for things about your home.

The charity shop will love you- If you find that there are things in your space you no longer need- you can take them to your local charity shop and let someone else enjoy them. After all- you probably didn’t even know you had them until you uncovered them from a mound of other stuff.

You will feel good as a consequence- Donating to charity has a feel-good factor- it means someone can get pleasure out of something you don’t, the money raised from its sale is going to a good cause and it gives you your space back to do something more productive than simply storing goods.

It makes you question your true wants as opposed to aspirations- If you find an exercise machine you’ve not yet used- chances are- you never will. If you see a book that you’ve been meaning to read for two years but haven’t- it’s never going to happen. If you have the drive and the yearning for something you will get on with it. Anything that you’ve neglected to use- get rid and crate space for the things you actually want to do. Or sell it and create money for the things you want most in life rather than things you think you ought to want.

You will be able to relax in your space- Once it’s de-cluttered, you can use it as a place of calm so when you feel stressed about things outside of this room- you can go here and take some time to think, clear your head and rejuvenate.

It’s healthier- There is nothing worse for your health than spending time in a dusty, clutter ridden hole. The dirt can affect your breathing, the stale air can give you a stuffy head and you might be exposing yourself to a whole host of germs you never even knew existed. Cleaning, clearing and opening a window will make your special place one that’s good for your body.

It makes you smile- When you’re done- every time you walk past the door and see it or spend time in it- it will make you proud. All that hard work- moving, dusting, hoovering, polishing, tidying and refining is worth it when you realise how much joy it brings you to have a space that belongs to you not your stuff.


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