Young people today are embracing the witchy aesthetic more than any other generation, and their genuine passion for nature, the new age, and the metaphysical is spurring other generations to embrace the aesthetic as well. If you crave natural materials and textures, antiques, and the cottage style, designing your bedroom in the witchy aesthetic is a great way to go. (If you don’t want to think “witchy,” check out Bohemian design and décor as well.)

Witchy Aesthetic

Witchy Aesthetic

Here are some of the best ways to create a witchy bedroom.

The antique cottage or village witch look

If you want to walk into your bedroom and feel like you have been transported to a medieval witch’s haven, the antique cottage or village witch style is perfect for furnishing your bedroom. Getting such an aesthetic usually requires the judicious use of antique furniture or furniture that resembles the antiques you crave. But the aesthetic isn’t really about furniture, and the dresser and other pieces you choose should blend in with the background for a cohesive look rather than standing out as a statement piece.

Use traditional or Victorian bedroom furniture

If you really want to feel like a medieval sorceress, traditional or Victorian bedroom furniture is a must. These pieces are heavily and ornately carved to make a bold statement. The squat chairs of the era will really make you feel as though you are the village witch, waiting for your next palm reading.

If you can’t afford a sturdy, well-maintained antique dresser, online furniture stores offer a large selection of dressers for bedroom in the traditional and Victorian styles. There are many available brands and collections, and you can easily find just the right look for your bedroom.

Build a sensory experience

Building a sensory experience means that as you design your bedroom, you seek for one beautiful, cohesive effect to give the right impression as soon as the door opens. Choosing the right furniture is just the beginning. You need to choose the right décor, laying textures on other natural textures.

Stimulating all of the senses at once in a very specific way can give your bedroom a vibe that can’t be found anywhere else. There is a technique taught to anxiety patients in which you ground yourself by using all 5 senses. This could be a similar exercise. You want to create a complete sensory experience by providing stimuli for all 5 senses to create a cohesive mood, vibe, energy, ambiance – however, you choose to describe it.

Use natural textures where you want to be able to feel the differences in your bedroom. You can add the sense of smell by burning your favorite incense, scented wax, or a scented candle. On the other hand, if you cannot have an open flame in your bedroom, you can use an oil diffuser or candle warmer instead.

Really involve the sense of sight by adding bold flashes of color, gold, or silver within the artwork, furniture upholstery, rugs, or all three. Playing soft ritual drumming or Celtic music involves the auditory senses. If you are trying to create a very relaxing mood, a bottle of wine for the sense of taste is a nice finish.

Of course, all of your décors should be based on what your bedroom furniture will look like. If you’re happy with your bed and don’t want a complete set, getting a dresser online gives you the most options.


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