We are a nation obsessed with our pet pooches. From signing their names in birthday cards, to personalising their belongings and even giving them their own social media profiles, it’s clear that we love our four-legged friends. Therefore it seems only natural that when it comes to the birthdays of our four-legged friends, we are pushing the boat out and hosting perfect ‘paw-ties’!

Delicious food!

Delicious food!

A study by Lily’s Kitchen, makers of proper food for pets, has found that 75% of pet owners celebrate their dog's special day, highlighting the booming trend for treating our furry friends as family members. According to the research, over half of doting dog owners throw a birthday bash for their pup, while nearly 60% howl out the iconic ‘Happy Birthday’ musical number (58%) to their dogs on their special day.

Spoiling our dogs on their birthday is all part of the deep emotional connection we have with them; in the survey, 41% of pet owners say they celebrate because “their dog is part of the family” and one in eight people feel that “their dog is like their child”.

With this in mind, we’ve got some perfect paw-ty inspiration, whether you’re having an intimate or large gathering:

Location, location, location

Location choice will depend on a number of different factors, such as the weather and the guest-list. Your garden will make the perfect space, or even a park, so that your pooch has space to run around with his buddies.

Delicious food

When it comes to the all-important birthday meal, more than half of owners (55%) say they prepare a special birthday feast for their canine companion, based on their own favourite meal. For pet owners looking to treat their pets, Lily’s Kitchen has launched a very special ‘Birthday Surprise’; the first ever party-perfect meal for dogs made from three different fresh cuts of steak, potatoes, broccoli and herbs. The perfect meal for any pooch!


Find us a dog that doesn’t love a ball. For a truly memorable birthday, try filling a kids sandpit or paddling pool with tennis balls – there you have it, an instant dog-friendly ball pool. Or take inspiration from the classic egg hunt and create a scavenger hunt for your doggie, letting them sniff out some delicious dog-friendly treats!


And by drinks, we mean water! Ensure that you have plenty of fresh water available at all times, since dogs can get very hot and thirsty if they’re running around with their buddies.

Relaxation area

As well as games and activities, also consider providing some space for the pups to relax and get away from the action. Pick some cushy pillows and blankets and lay them out, ready for when the excitement gets too much.

The new Lily’s Kitchen Birthday Surprise gift box RRP £9.95, is available to order from May 5th 2017 and will be sold on the Lily’s Kitchen website (www.lilyskitchen.co.uk).  Birthday Surprise gift box will also be available on Amazon.co.uk later this year.

For more party inspiration from Lily’s Kitchen, visit - https://www.lilyskitchen.co.uk/lilyland/all/news/party-games

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