Will you bring tech into your garden?
Will you bring tech into your garden?

Following the new research from TalkTalk which revealed that Brits have spent over £6 billion upgrading their garden over the past year, and that 59% say they spend more time in their gardens than ever before, the company have partnered up with tech expert Jason Bradbury, to create their 'Smart Garden of the Future'.

The garden aims to showcase exactly what TalkTalk's ultrafast, ultra-reliable Future Fibre & eero, an Amazon Company, can offer.

The futuristic garden was designed to reveal how the whole home (indoors and out) can be amplified through TalkTalk’s new ultrafast, ultra-reliable Future Fibre and eero mesh Wi-Fi systems, making it simple to help connect water sprinkler systems, robot mowers, plant sensors and lighting systems from the comfort of your armchair, office chair or deck chair.

Using the power of Wi-Fi 6 technology, eero mesh Wi-Fi routers (additional eero devices recommended for larger homes) work hand in hand with TalkTalk’s full fibre connectivity to deliver the UK’s fastest, most reliable broadband, with great Wi-Fi coverage across the home and garden.

Tech can take your garden to the next level!
Tech can take your garden to the next level!

Jason Bradbury, technology expert and presenter, said:

"As you can imagine, I have a lot of tech devices in my house, tech that makes mine and my family’s everyday lives better. TalkTalk’s ultra-fast Future Fibre broadband allows for up to 75 devices to be connected at the same time without lag or buffering, so it’s a great solution for households like mine which require a lot of bandwidth for all the gadgets! Users can install their own ‘smart garden’ like the one I helped create, with a powerful Wi-Fi connection, meaning they can enjoy and maintain their outdoor space, even when they’re out of the house!"

Jonathan Kini, Managing Director of TalkTalk Direct Business and Consumer, added:

“We know how important everyone’s home space has become over the past 12 months – with Brits investing a lot of time, money and care into their spaces. Outside spaces really are an extension of the home, so there’s no reason they shouldn’t be connected. Our affordable, new Future Fibre and eero plans provide busy households with the latest technology, superior speeds, extended Wi-Fi signal and reliable performance - so customers can make the most of their space – both indoors and out.”   

So, are you convinced? Some Brits are, and have already been thinking about which gadgets they'd like to see added to their garden.

Jason Bradbury enjoys TalkTalk's 'Garden of the Future'
Jason Bradbury enjoys TalkTalk's 'Garden of the Future'

A poll found that these are the top 10 smart tech items we want as part of our outdoor space:

  1. Watering sensors (41%) 
  2. Robotic lawn mowers (41%) 
  3. Smart sprinkler (40%) 
  4. Smart BBQ accessories e.g. temperature gauge (37%) 
  5. Smart speaker (36%)
  6. Smart garden accessories e.g. water feature (36%)
  7. Smart locks for sheds/garden/gates (35%)
  8. Smart fire pit (34%)
  9. Plant Sensors (33%)
  10. Smart bird feeders (32%)

With TalkTalk’s Future Fibre, plus either an award-winning eero 6 or eero Pro 6 mesh router (plus optional eero devices, for larger homes), customers will have access to the future of home Wi-Fi, so they can continue to demand the most from their connection – without having to worry about usage caps, restrictions or Wi-Fi blank spots. Both eero 6 and eero Pro 6 mesh Wi-Fi routers are optimised for TalkTalk’s network and UK homes for superior connectivity that enables the whole family to confidently stream, game, and work online. 

For further information visit: https://new.talktalk.co.uk/broadband/wifi-hub/eero.

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