Now you have more time on your hands at home, there may be some things you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t got around to. Here are just a few things to get you started...

Home and Garden on Female First

Home and Garden on Female First

Decluttering: If you have opted to spend more time in your home lately, this is the perfect excuse to start and address the clutter that’s in your space. Use this as an opportunity to sort through your things and set aside anything for donation that is no longer serving you or bringing you joy. Larger items can be collected by charities if you call and arrange an appropriate collection time if you don’t want to leave the house. Plus if you sell anything on a local buy it, sell it, swap it site, someone will pick up the item from your home- just be sure to ask them if they are well first. Don’t forget your digital clutter as well!

Organizing: Once you have decluttered, you can turn your attention to organization. Do your digital photos need sorting? Do you need to create a better system for storing something you own multiples of? If so, you now have the time to dedicate to any tasks that have been put on the back burner. 

Cleaning: Once you have decluttered and organized, this is the ideal time to clean your space- to pull out furniture, empty drawers and cupboards and clean all the nooks and crannies that barely get any attention when you are out and about. Bugs don’t deserve to share your space when it is so precious right now. 

DIY: There must be something in your home that’s been bugging you for some time. A bit of wallpaper that needs glueing back to the wall, somewhere that needs a fresh lick of paint, a dripping tap that needs fixing. Make a list of all the things that have been driving you crazy and plan out a little job each day. Once the worst is over, your house will be gleaming. 

Create a weekly meal plan: If you tend to throw any old thing in the oven when you get home from work, now might be the time to draw up a list of 7-14 meals you enjoy, make an additional list of ingredients and plan out your meals for the next fortnight. If you can;t get hold of everything now because the shops are sold out, this will still be useful once things settle down. 

Gardening: The green bins are back in action, so if you need to cut the lawns or tend to plants, this is good for getting some fresh air when you might otherwise not. Gardens suffer during the winter months so be sure to give them the love and attention they deserve. 

Date checks: Go around your home and check the dates on everything that has an expiry date- things like food, medicine, products and drink. If you are going to use up the items in the back of your cupboards- make sure they are healthy enough to consume and use.