As the nation prepares for guests over the festive season, new research from GAMA Healthcare, Britain’s leading supplier of disinfectant wipes and infection control training to the NHS, reveals that a significant portion of people across Great Britain have a ‘missed a spot’ with their cleaning technique.

Image courtesy of GAMA

Image courtesy of GAMA

Two thirds of the British public (66%) saying they are more concerned with germs at home since the pandemic. However, while 82% of Brits think that they have an effective cleaning technique at home, we are all making simple errors when it comes to our techniques. Dr Braverman and Dr Hanouka, former NHS doctors and infection control experts, whose Clinell products and techniques are used in 9 out of 10 NHS hospitals, offer a number of simple steps that can be taken to protect your Christmas bubble and stop the spread of COVID-19 virus and other germs at home.

Some of the most common cleaning pitfalls and how to counteract them include:

  1. Cleaning the dirty bits first – it may seem tempting to focus on the dirtiest areas first but this can mean you spread dirt and germs to the cleaner areas. Less than four in ten (37%) of us are actually doing it right by wiping from the clean area to the dirty area, with a third (33%) cleaning the dirtier section before the cleaner section leaving them at risk of spreading COVID-19 on surfaces.
  2. Wiping from side to side – the most effective way of wiping is actually in an S-shape so that germs are swept away and not passed from one area to another. Only one in ten (9%) are using this key infection control cleaning technique to prevent re-contaminating the areas already cleaned.
  3. Cleaning surfaces haphazardly- starting in the middle or bottom and wiping up or down acts to spread germs. Working from the top to bottom is the most effective way to wipe but currently only 60% of people are using that method.
  4. Using the same wipe for multiple surfaces – the more it’s used, the less effective it is – one wipe, one surface should be the rule. However 25% use the same cloth multiple times which can spread germs from surface to surface.
  5. Using the surface straight away – tempting as it is to put everything straight back down, cleaned surfaces need to stay wet for the time recommended, in order for the product to work properly. If it kills germs ‘in 30 seconds’, you should be waiting 30 seconds. Surfaces should be left to air dry for the contact time recommended – this can be from 10 seconds to 5 minutes or more, dependent on the manufacturer.

GAMA Healthcare’s Universal Wipes are used and recommended by doctors and nurses, and in a recent survey undertaken by GAMA Healthcare with nurses from the Royal College of Nursing, three quarters surveyed (76%) said that they themselves use the Clinell cleaning methodology at home and recommended that others should do the same.