If you want to have a simpler, stripped back Christmas this year compared to last and the many more before them, here are just a few suggestions to keep things light and meaningful. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Buy clutter free gifts instead of physical gifts: If you are struggling for ideas- we have a list of 100 clutter free gifts and then 100 more if you’re still not inspired so you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to gifts that don’t come with the baggage of clutter. Material gifts that have not been specifically asked for are burdensome so don’t inflict that on others, choose gifts that inspire and entertain. 

Send e-cards: If you don’t fancy sitting for hours writing out Christmas cards because you don’t see it as the best use of your time, why not get everyone’s email address and send them an e-card instead? They can still enjoy an equally festive image, however they won’t have the clutter of a physical card to find a place for in their home. 

Spend Christmas doing things rather than buying things: There are so many activities that don’t involve stuff like taking a walk to see everyone’s Christmas lights, watching festive movies and baking Christmas treats to name a few. Try to put your energy and focus into making memories rather than accumulating more things. These activities are more nourishing for your family than Christmas shopping for more things you and your home could do without. 

Don’t go mad with decorations: Only keep the ones that really mean something to you rather than buying ones simply because they match your current decor or because they are on trend. Decorations that have been passed down from generation to generation or made by people you know and love are the ones that deserve space in your life, not the commercialised plastic variety. Or opt for natural decorations that can be recycled after the festivities are over so you don’t have to take up valuable space in your home storing them for another year. 

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Involve your family: Chances are you will have some time off around this holiday, so instead of spending these moments alone, involve your family and make all the tasks you need to get done fun. If you need to wrap presents, do it together while watching a movie or listening to Christmas songs. If you want to drop off gifts at other people’s houses, do it together as a part of a winter walk. If you need to clean your home before the big day, all chip in and reward yourself by eating cookies and drinking milk afterwards. Don’t be alone at this time of year- do as much as you can as a family unit and try to make the best out of the most mundane of jobs. 

Be present: Although it may surprise you, your Christmas meal is one of the most important parts of the day- not opening gifts. So when you sit down to your plate of food along with the people you love, savour every bite, every conversation and every moment spent together. You might not get another opportunity for another year. 

Be grateful: People may buy you things you’ve not asked for, however, their love language might be gift giving so respect that and accept whatever they give you gratefully. Most of all, be thankful for the smaller things that are easy to overlook on this day. Family, time off, a roof over your head, food on the table, the health of your loved ones… I could go on, there are so many things that get forgotten about during the excitement of opening presents that should be at the forefront of the day. 

Happy Christmas to all the minimalists and people who are aspiring to live lighter! 

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