As it’s National Hairstylist Appreciation Day I thought we would look at the seven things you can declutter that are related to your hair- here we go!

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Everyday products: This might include shampoos, conditioners, mousse, styling gels, hair dyes and hair spray. Perhaps you bought some products that didn’t suit your hair type and never got around to using them again. Maybe you purchased a bottle or two for something and you never really liked the smell of or were given some for a gift and know that they are not your first choice. If this sounds like you- donate anything that falls under these categories to your local charity shop or give them away to friends and family who are willing to take them off your hands. Ask around and people might be looking for things for car boot stalls and school fairs too.

Hair ties and clips: How many of these does one woman need? If only ever use a handful of these- why do you have a bulk of them? Only keep what you use and get rid of the rest. If by some miracle you do run out in a few years’ time- you can always reinvest in some then because they are so inexpensive they won't break the bank.

Hair tools: If you can’t remember the last time you straightened your hair- ask yourself if you really suit it in this style. If not- chances are you will never reach for them again. If you have multiples of one tool like a hair dryer or curling tongs- choose your favourite (and a back-up if you insist) and purge the rest.

Brushes and combs: You only need one or two (if you have a pre-made toiletry bag set up) so if you have more than this- it may be time to say goodbye or use your surplus on your pet instead.

Pamper products: If you have more hair masks than you can shake a stick at- be brutally honest with yourself- are you likely to have a pamper session and use one of these? If it all sounds like too much effort- give your bathroom cupboards a sigh of relief.

Minis: If you are someone who saves every hotel mini bottle of shampoo and conditioner from all the trips you go on- it’s time to keep one that you can refill with your larger bottles and give the rest to a good home. They take up a surprising amount of space for something that is called a ‘mini’.

Hair accessories: If you have a collection of shiny embellishments for your hair like slides and headbands that you wore for a wedding once and never again because it’s really not your style- give them to someone who will appreciate wearing them.

Similarly, if you have a stock of headbands that were intended for keeping your hair under control while applying or removing make-up but opt for putting your hair in a ponytail instead- go with your instincts and what your usual habits are rather than what you think you should be doing.

Happy National Hairstylist Appreciation Day and Happy Decluttering!

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