80% of us admit to looking through our blinds to have a nosey

80% of us admit to looking through our blinds to have a nosey

We have all heard the jokes about twitching curtains and rustling nets but there are in fact people behind them having a good old peek.

The original research came from a recent survey with Apollo Blinds, one of the UK’s biggest sellers for blinds and it revealed that with the lighter nights and longer days, summer is the perfect season for snooping.

Also, July is the month that you are most likely to catch someone from next door glancing over the fence for a sneaky look. The figures showed that men were the most curious and 72% of them confessed to glimpsing at attractive neighbours and 34% of them will linger outside a few minutes longer than they have too, just so that they can chat to good looking residents. Similarly, 63% of men have admitted to hiding behind blinds or curtains to watch neighbours that are wearing skimpy or sexy clothing. 

We all know that women are more likely to gossip than men and the proof is in the figures. A substantial 67% of the women in the survey said that they regularly gossip about the neighbours and people living nearby. Moreover, 23% of women also admitted to having a sneaky peek at the local men.

Apollo Blinds spokesman, Gary Chambers, explains: ‘We all know it happens – we’ve all met our fair share of nosy neighbours – but we didn’t realise quite how much snooping goes on, or that it was taking place on such a widespread scale.’

Likewise, the way that we cover our windows says a lot about how nosey we actually are. Those who opt for the Vertical blind are quietly curious and are more concerned with their own privacy, Venetian Blind users are subtle at spying and peep through the slants to avoid being caught and if you have Roller Blinds or net curtains it could mean that you are a nosey parker.

Chambers continues by saying that ‘Blinds and curtains can hide a multitude of sins so be sure to have a close look at the choices your own neighbours have made – it could tell you a lot about the type of street you’re moving into.’


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