Clearing out can seem like a huge task, but if you start off with a small space such as a bathroom cupboard, bedside cabinet or kitchen drawer, it will seem manageable and you can see a quick result, so you'll be prompted to carry on with the rest of the house. 

Home and Garden on Female First

Home and Garden on Female First

Make a playlist so that cleaning out your drawers doesn’t have to be boring. You could even do it whilst enjoying a glass of wine. 

Go through your drawers one at a time, it’s much easier to see what clutter you have when you spread everything out rather than having to waste time rummaging through them. 

To make clearing out easier, put your items into piles for example ‘keep’, ‘recycle’ and ‘charity shop’. 

Be realistic about what you actually need to keep hold of. Are you ever going to fix that broken calculator? If you’re hoarding old restaurant menus, think about the last time you dined there or if they have an online menu you’ll be able to look at in the future. 

If you uncover old tech, Three have launched a scheme called Reconnected where you can donate your old mobile to them, and by partnering with charities, they redistribute the phones to people in need in the community. This could be those facing homelessness, people trying to get back into employment or even older people who have never used technology before. Another reason to feel good about your spring clean. 

Keep all your spare batteries in one container, not only does it make things tidier but it saves that frustrating feeling of only being able to find one when your television remote is out of juice. 

Be ruthless when clearing out any clothes, if you haven’t worn something in one year, throw it out. Everything you own should have its place in your house and if it doesn’t have a place, give your old items to someone else who will use it. 

If you find anything in your clear out that’s part of an unfinished project like half knitted scarves or clothes that you thought you’d always customise. If these unfinished projects are lying around the house, incomplete and making you feel guilty instead of good, then get rid of the guilt and throw them out once and for all. 

For the final touch, clean your lightbulbs of dust, then put essential oils such as lavender or tea tree onto a cotton bud and dab it on to the lightbulb. When the lightbulb heats up, the scents from the oils will be released. You can also do this on a radiator.