The British summer is finally upon us and as we gasp a sigh of relief knowing our energy bills won’t be as high, there are still many more simple things that can be done at home to save you money.

Home and Garden on Female First

Home and Garden on Female First

Andrew Stone, Energy Technology Expert and Operations Development Manager with energy saving experts, Zenith Home, offers simple tips on how to save money by being more energy efficient this summer. By making these small changes you will notice a big difference to your bills, allowing you to appreciate the British summer even more…and your purse will thank you too.

Dine al fresco!

With the first signs of summer comes every man’s innate desire to get out the BBQ. Scrap the oven and microwave, the BBQ is a great way to make delicious food and soak up the British summer sun, whilst saving money on your energy bills.

Exit the Fan Club

While you’re outside appreciating the summer sun, keep the heat from soaking into your house by closing all blinds and windows. When the sun goes down, open your windows to let the cool breeze circulate through your home. These tips will keep your rooms cool and will mean there’s no need for a fan in the evening.

Turn Down the Heat

As much as we love long hot showers on a cold winter’s day, in the summer months it’s a cooling shower we all crave. Turning the temperature down is not only refreshing and better for your hair and skin, it also speeds up your shower time, saving you money and giving you more time to spend in the sun.

Capture the Sun with Solar Panels

For those with solar panels, summer is their time to really shine! Using the sun’s light, the solar panels generate and supply electricity to your home…for free! In addition to this, the Government backed ‘Feed in Tariff’ means that you’ll get paid for every unit of electricity that you generate and also pay for any extra electricity that you don’t use and ‘feed back in’ to the national grid.

Switch Off and Unplug

Many household appliances such as TV’s and computers kick out a lot of heat so take this opportunity to switch off and enjoy the lighter evenings with family and friends. Not only will this save on your bills but it will also help in keeping your rooms cooler.

Air Dry Don’t Hair Dry

Not only does your hair dry much quicker in the summer sun, it’s also far better for your hair than using your hairdryer as well as a more energy efficient option that will save you a few pennies.

Tumble into Hibernation

As well as air-drying your hair, air dry your clothes too by hanging them out in the sun. Tumble dryers are money guzzlers so by putting it into hibernation for summer you’ll see the difference in your bills!

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