I have recently found a new passion in life- labelling! The label maker is an inexpensive way to help you declutter and minimise your home. Believe it or not, it has helped me to become more organised but also more streamlined with my stuff. So if you want to live a simpler life in 2021, here’s how a label maker could rock your world too...

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

You can label all your wires: Take the time to figure out what each of the cords in your home does and label each one with a label maker so if one gets separated from it’s gadget, you know where it belongs. During this exercise, you are bound to find wires to things you no longer own or use, in which case, you can recycle the wires to the things that are not in your home anymore and place wires with the things you don’t use to sell. 

Things that don’t belong stick out: If you have an area labelled up in your home for specific items, when something enters that space that doesn’t belong, the intruder is glaringly obvious and you therefore become focused on that piece. Things that aren’t loved enough to be placed back in their designated area are often those we don’t really care about or want, so they can be easily moved on. 

Everything has a home: If you label up every part of your home from drawers to shelves, cupboards to boxes, there is no room for things that don’t quite fit. These are the items that probably don’t serve a purpose or bring us joy because they stand out as anomalies, making it easier to let go of them. 

It helps with accountability: If the people in your home have a specific area that has been labelled, such as a shelf in your bathroom cupboard or a file on a bookcase- once that area becomes overrun with stuff, you can go to that person and ask them to pare down the items in that space, especially if it’s encroaching one someone else’s or is affecting the family mood. 

It helps control your kitchen: If you label a shelf in your pantry for dried goods only, one glance will tell you if you need to buy something from that section or leave it a few weeks.  Alternatively, if everything gets thrown on the same shelf  and nothing is labelled, it’s more difficult to keep track of what you have and what you need so you will likely overbuy at your next supermarket visit.

It transforms your home into more manageable chunks: If you want to declutter but feel overwhelmed, labelling up your space can help guide you in the process. So you can start with just your sock drawer or just the canned goods shelf in your kitchen, rather than an entire room and bit by bit you will reach your goal.

It helps you to keep track of where you’ve decluttered: As you label up your home, make a corresponding list for all the labels you create. Then start with each one in turn and tick off as you go. Once you’ve reached the end of the list and hopefully every nook and cranny in your home, you can go back over the list again and again to keep on top of the items that come in and out of your space.

So there we have it- the label maker could be your new best friend when it comes to clearing out some of the unwanted items in your home, so why not give one a try and see if it works for you too?

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