Picture Credit: Pixabay
Picture Credit: Pixabay

In the modern era, it's possible to learn anything online. While we are all aware of the pandemic and the troubles that have come with it, most of the design schools have taken their course online to enable and engage a larger audience.

As the great philosopher Confucius says, we are bound to remember things only by doing and repeatedly doing the tasks again and again. The era of internet learning has been challenging for the creative field - especially architecture and interior design - where the students are expected to follow theory and replicate their ideas on paper and interact with their tutors online.

Though we have been into internet learning for a year now, we are getting better at it and the tutors have also upskilled themselves to teach the students engagingly and effectively.

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” -Confucius

Interior Design Institute, Paris (homedesigninstitute.com) offers free and paid courses on interior design that can be taken up at your convenience. They offer credits and also provide enough professional level exposure for you to take up interior design as a career. The interior design courses can be taken as a standalone course or even as a continuing course; you may or may not have had any design background at all but it doesn't matter!

Picture Credit: Pixabay
Picture Credit: Pixabay

The interior design schools have adopted Zoom, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams and other such online platforms that use white boards to engage with the students. The whiteboard enables the tutor to draw, annotate and elucidate ideas that can be easily understood by the large pool of audience who are learning through their screens.

The one-on-one interaction is key to learn and especially in the creative field; it is the key to understand the clients’ requirements and to translate them into live works. To enable this, the tutors have also created exercises involving calls to clients and interacting with them and taking notes of their requirements. These live video sessions can be extremely powerful tools of learning the interpersonal skills, even though it is learnt remotely.

Online courses at Home Design Institute, Paris are held on Zoom with 100% live lectures. These classes are synchronous and can be easily followed by the students as they can interact with the lecturers and their fellow students.

The long training is very practically-oriented and is conducted according to the methodology "learning by doing". Students at the end of the course complete an interior design project, containing all parts - drawings, visualisations, lists of furniture and more. The student studies in small groups so that they can work individually with each student.

Picture Credit: Pixabay
Picture Credit: Pixabay

Why an online course at Home Design Institute, Paris?

  • It’s flexible – Being able to select a course of your choice from a wide range that is available on the web, at the convenience of your space and time. Most of the higher education and continuing education courses are available and offered via flexible timelines.
  • It's accessible – All of the course materials are available to access once you have registered for the course. And you will also be able to access many other resources from the institute’s library which will allow you to expand your knowledge.
  • It can be tailo- made – To be able to afford and to be able to learn at your convenience can only be possible on an online course. This gives you the flexibility of payment options, to choose different topics of learning. You can also opt for concurrent courses that can be learned in a short period.
  • Cost effective – Oftentimes, we look at our affordability when it comes to choosing a course even though we may be passionate about it. On campus, learning puts a certain burden on us because of the budget. Online learning on the other hand gives us the choice to pick as many courses and learn them and be satisfied with the vast amount of knowledge gained.

Who will be teaching you?

Experienced tutors from across the globe with excellent knowledge in interior design will be taking classes with real-world examples. They will also showcase some of their works that will motivate you to rise your standards and design thinking.

Will I be able to connect with my peers?

Yes, as the classes are synchronous, you will be connected via zoom which will allow you to be online with the rest of your classmates and the tutor. As the classes will be real-time, there will be scope for constant interaction, just as your class in a studio. This will also allow you to interact with peers from around the world, which might not be the case in the case of a studio class.

How to start?

You can start studying Interior Design by enrolling in the free interior design course at Home Design Institute, Paris. The training is conducted live with online teachers, and its purpose is to lay the foundations of your new career in the world of interior design.

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