Have you ever found yourself in a room full of people awkwardly avoiding all eye contact because none of them can figure out what to talk about? Well, we’ve all been there and done that, and we can definitely agree that it’s absolutely harrowing, isn’t it?

Home and Garden on Female First

Home and Garden on Female First

But you know what many people don’t understand? That the most mundane things can help spark the greatest conversations. This is why today we’re going to be featuring living room décor ideas that will help you find a safe conversational starter to get in the mood and keep things going. Let’s tale a look:

1. A good seating layout

An awkward seating layout can be a total mood killer. It doesn’t matter how plush or comfortable the actual furniture is, if the layout is uncomfortable, you’re going to have difficulty carrying a conversation anyway. On the other hand, a nice, interactive sitting area where every seat is facing the other can be a great way to spark conversation. When everyone is face to face, it becomes easy and pleasant to speak your mind and create the right ambiance to discuss everything and nothing.

2. A calm, relaxing colour scheme

A stiff formal ambiance is one of the worst conversational killers in any situation. Most people are too rigid and uncomfortable to truly let loose and have a casual talk. This is why you should pick a home décor theme that’s extremely relaxing. Here’s a great pro-tip: whites and blues tend to emulate a highly calming aura in any space. This particular colour palate makes you relaxed enough to get comfy and get the conversation flowing. With such surroundings, you can easily lay back and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and effortless conversation.

3. A collection of indoor plants

Another great living room décor idea to spark conversation over is a collection of indoor plants. Not only do they add a refreshing vibe to your interior design, they also make for a great way to get the conversation going. People will always complement your aesthetic, and ask about how you maintain these plants, where you got them and how they can do that same. It’s an easy conversation starter where you can talk about superficial things before finally settling into a rhythm and going with the flow.

4. A vintage accent piece

In the middle of a sophisticated living room design, having a gorgeous vintage accent piece can not only imbue a sense of unfettered style, but it can also be the perfect conversational starter. People will always be attracted to its presence and as such, they’ll always end up complementing it and asking where you got it. So, if you’re looking for a nice decorative item that can also be a great way to spark conversation, look for a trendy vintage accessory!

5. Stylish organisation accessory

Easy organisation and systematic compartmentalisation of basic home essentials can end up impressing a lot of people. This is why you should always have an organisational accessory handy and on display whenever someone is over. It can be a wire basket full of decorative items or it can be a small floating shelf – either way, you’ll find someone complementing your cleverness and it’ll be the perfect way to spark a nice, stimulating conversation about organisation!

6. A celebrity-line home accessory

Nothing sparks conversation like people recognising a home décor item from a celebrity line. If the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit epitomises the celebrity fashion world, then Drew Barrymore’s Shutterfly home décor range is definitely up the top when it comes to home furnishing items. With a plethora of colorful boho-chic trinkets and vintage-retro furniture, this line is highly stylish and trendy. You can definitely boast about having a gorgeous Shutterfly wingback armchair, or the stylish vintage coffee table as your living room accent piece to get the conversation going!

7. A gorgeous flower arrangement

A beautiful floral centerpiece can be the focal point of your living room, and be the perfect item to spark conversation over. Imagine having guests over at your house, and all of you are simply sitting about when the stunning flower arrangement catches someone’s eye. It would be the perfect way to start a dialogue!

You must be tentative about the idea of constantly having to refresh and maintain this floral centerpiece to keep up the good looks, but don’t worry – you can opt for a dry arrangement to keep things as understated and elegant as possible. Since flower arrangements can be a little bit on the pricey side, you can search for the best discount deals for florals over the internet.

8. A stunning bookshelf

Imagine having over guests that you have no idea how to talk with. You’re both sorts of awkwardly sitting there not knowing what to say when they suddenly start looking at your bookshelf – and voila! You’ve found the perfect common ground to spark a good, intellectual conversation! Books are one of the best conversational stimulators you’ll ever find, which is why having a bookshelf in your living room can be an amazing idea. You can experiment with different styles and designs to highlight your book collection, and even go for a bit of accessorizing to add to the ambiance.

So, these are some great home décor tips that you can use to spark conversation with anyone who comes over to your house. We hope these help you tackle some of the awkwardness and get the dialogue going!