If you haven’t done your autumn wardrobe edit yet- what are you waiting for? Here are my top tips to make the transition between summer and autumn as easy as possible- the minimalist way.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Evaluate your summer wardrobe: Go through each item of your summer wardrobe and be honest with yourself. Did you wear every piece? If not- chances are you don’t like these items, or they don’t fit your properly. If this sounds familiar- put aside the clothes that you didn’t use for donation and make a mental note not to buy anything similar again.

Make a list of anything that you are getting rid of that needs replacing: So- you may have loved wearing your white cotton vest top- but you had it on so much that it has seen better days. Make a note of the item so you can buy another when summer comes around again or you can buy like for like in the sale. Similarly, if you felt that your summer collection was missing a key item- scribble this down too so you know what extras you need for next year so you don't fall into the impulse purchase trap.

Pack away your summer clothes: Fold up the remaining clothes neatly into a container- leave them as you would like to find them and place the list you've just made on the top so you know where to find it once you are in a position to revisit it and act upon it. 

Make a plan for anything that needs repairing: If you have an item that didn’t survive the season and is now in need of repair- set it aside and make a conscious effort to fix it yourself asap or to take it to someone who can. If you throw it in your summer clothes storage container- you will forget about it and it will remain in the same condition until next year.

Pull out your autumn clothes: From wherever they have been hiding. Hang each item up one by one and take your time to examine each piece carefully. It’s highly likely you have forgotten what is in your autumn collection so it will be a useful exercise to familiarise yourself with what you do have.

Establish what is missing: If there is something obviously missing from your collection- write it down on another list of things you need to buy this season. It could be a pair of boots, or a new jumper. Then give it some time before you go rushing out to purchase this item. Can you change up the combination of clothes you wear to create a new look- thus making this item redundant? Or is there potential to borrow or fix something rather than buying new? If not- then you can justify bringing it into your home- but it’s worth asking yourself the question before parting with your cash.

Give everything a new lease of life: Do your boots need a polish? Do your tops need an iron? If the clothes smell a little musty- could you give them a boost by throwing them in the washing machine or giving them a quick spray with fabric refresher? Treat them all with respect and they will be around for many other autumns to come.

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