Minimalism isn’t just about ridding yourself of the physical stuff, it’s also about cleansing yourself of the things within you that are dragging you down too.

Break free from these seven things

Break free from these seven things

Bad habits: Think about all of your bad habits- write them down if you need to. Smoking, overeating, never exercising, drinking to excess- all of which have a negative effect on your body. Whatever your vice is- now is the time to do something about it. What can you minimise in your life to help you kick these habits? Can you take a different route on your evening walk so you’re not passing by the corner shop where you always drop in for chocolate? Can you reduce the time you spend with those who encourage your habit because they have the same one? Could you go somewhere other than the pub on a Saturday night?

Wanting to please everyone: It’s impossible to please everyone all the time- regardless of how hard you try. A wedding is the best example- you can cater for everyone’s needs but there will still be someone who complains. The sooner you realise this- the easier it will be to let go of the desire to keep everyone happy.

Wanting everyone to like you: You are not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s fine. The same goes for others- chances are you’ve met people who you don’t care to see again. If someone doesn’t like you- don’t take it to heart- the fact of the matter is- you just don’t gel. Spend time with the people who do like you and who you like back. Spend as little time as possible with people you know don’t enjoy your company because it is a meaningless pursuit for you both.

What ifs: Most people look at all eventualities when they are faced with a new situation. Looking at the possible negative outcomes causes unnecessary worry. Why stress about something that hasn’t happened yet and might never happen? Deal with bad news as it comes along and don’t waste time thinking about the ways in which things can go wrong.

Comparing yourself to others: There will always be someone out there who has more money than you, a better car, a higher-ranking job, a bigger house, more friends- I could go on. The fact is- if you look around – there will always be someone you feel is outperforming you on Facebook, at work or in your social circles. Achieve your goals according to your own values and timelines- not those of other people or you will always feel defeated.

Talking yourself down: If you think a negative thought about yourself- turn it into a positive. You might not like your cellulite on the tops of your legs- but you know what? Your legs enable you to walk every day- so they are pretty great even if they do have a few dimples. You may not earn a lot of money doing what you do- but you enjoy it and never suffer the Monday blues because you look forward to another day’s work. You may not love an aspect of your personality- but it makes you who you are- unique.

Saying sorry: A heartfelt ‘sorry’ is sometimes necessary but people tend to apologise for things they shouldn’t. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion, a belief or a way of life that doesn’t fit in with everyone else’s. Minimalism is a key example of this- not everyone understands it, many people wouldn’t adopt this lifestyle but there is nothing to be sorry for if you do.

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