If you’ve already decluttered everything from the December list of things to purge- well done! If not, it might be worth reading that first so you can be as thorough as possible this month! No one needs a full home right before more things are about to enter it! Here are just seven things you might want to focus on this week- one for each day! 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Cookie cutters: If you have dragged down all your Christmas decorations from the attic only to find your festive cookie cutters again it might be time to part ways. Perhaps you had visions of baking cookies with your family and never have, despite keeping the cutters year after year. If baking doesnt bring you joy- that’s ok- simply donate the cutters to someone who enjoys homemade creations and you get on with whatever you prefer doing. 

Cookies: While we are on the theme of cookies, check your stocks for expired packet mixes, out of date pre-made cookies and any decorations/ingredients you might reserve only for this kind of baking. If you feel you should buy cookies but never eat them or go to make any- it might be time to admit that you would rather reserve the space in your cupboards for another foodstuff. 

Flu Medication: While going through your entire first aid kit might seem like too much work, picking specific medicines to focus on one at a time is quick and easy. So, check all your flu medication and make sure that you don’t have any out of date treatments. If you do, dispose of them responsibly and hand them in at your local pharmacy. 

Digestive medication: If you suffer from IBS, Crohn’s or Colitis, you might have a backstock of medication to help your condition when a flare up strikes. Take a look at each packet and make sure that none of them are out of date and do the same as you did with the flu meds for any that are.

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Festive pet items: Perhaps you buy your pet a new Christmas toy, blanket or coat every year or maybe you still have some snacks you put in their stocking last year that they never really liked. In which case, it’s time to clear the decks for Christmas day as you’ve probably bought them a little something this year too! 

Car detritus: If you are lucky enough to have a car, spend some time clearing it out. No one wants to be driving home for Christmas in a glorified bin. Remove all packaging, receipts, pens, toys, clothes, shoes, bags- whatever it is you leave in your car and give it a good hoover out. Other than a home, a car is the next most expensive purchase you will ever make, so it deserves to look its best especially at Christmas. 

Anything that is old and past its best: While this is a wider category of items, it should be obvious to you what has seen better days in your home. Perhaps you are hanging onto an old pair of slippers even though they have holes in them, maybe you are trying to get the last few wears out of a sweater that got stained in the wash never to be restored to its original state or have you have clung onto an old frying pan for years even though the handle is dropping off? Only you know what has come to the ends of its life in your home and it’s time to say farewell. 

Happy decluttering and see you next week!

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