Getting yourself a new home is never an easy decision or process. But with careful planning, everything from buying to renovating can be dealt with free of hassle and stress. Among the many things you can do towards this end are three key points every new homeowner checklist should have at the top. Mostly they involve tedious financial and building planning, but which also affect how much of a budget you have when you reach the fun decorating part. Let’s take a closer look at how important these stages are.

Home and Garden on Female First

Home and Garden on Female First

Set and Stick to a Realistic Budget

The first step is finding the funds for your new home. The greater the project, of course, the more money you’ll need for various construction and redecoration jobs – not to mention pricey surprises. Saving up is essential, but you can find extra backing to reach that financial goal. Explore your options in terms of:

· Home insurance

· Warranties

· Building and contents insurance

· Mortgages

With plenty of market research, the wide range of help available to you will become clearer. For example, if you’re having a hard time understanding rates and deals, try a free mortgage comparison service. Everything you need to know – definitions, average interest rates, best strategies and more – are at your fingertips.

Once the budget is set, do your best to not exceed it. Highlight this point on your new homeowner checklist, so that, every time you think about investing in something extra, you remember your financial limits.

Focus on Insulation

Heat loss is a major and very common problem when it comes to comfort and, especially, energy bills. The importance of insulation is clear in these statistics:

· Walls can mark around 30-40% of heat loss

· The roof 25%

· Windows and doors 20%

Add all these factors together and you have a massive dent in your finances. So, one of the first jobs you need to plan for is properly insulating the new house. This can be done as a cheap DIY project, but hiring a professional ensures better, longer-lasting results. After all, you have ventilation, climate and other structural issues to consider at the same time. The point is: invest in a reliable home insulation service, while checking that everything on your new homeowner checklist is being covered.

Decorate Smart

There is functionality as well as fun to be found when exploring home décor ideas. Apart from buying or making the perfect furniture or ornaments for each living space, think about how their placement in a room can benefit your comfort. For example, a large bookcase against a wall facing a noisy street can absorb some of the sound, as can special soundproof wallpaper, thick curtains and decorations, like paintings and mirrors.

But then you don’t want to fill the house with heavy, awkward items. Find a balance. Determine the property’s problematic areas and decorate them strategically, while striving for an overall pleasant atmosphere. Small living room? Go for light walls and floor-length sheer curtains to make it look taller and more spacious. Dull bathroom? Liven it up with bold walls, smart shelving and ornaments, like plants and candles.

Be smart, patient and creative. It may take time for a new homeowner checklist to take shape, but a detailed strategy for tackling these and other common issues makes designing your dream house much more straightforward and enjoyable.

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