To celebrate Bensons for Beds’ sponsorship of the UK’s number one film, The BFG, Instagram sensation Rich McCor has created a series of stylised visuals of the Giant across iconic London landmarks, encouraging people to enter the retailer's photography competition.

We caught up with him to ask about the things he’s learned and the tips he can offer while identifying his own unique style and this is what he had to say: 

"It was just over a year ago that I started pursuing my style of photography, I've definitely had a lot of good fortune that has pushed me along but there's also been some truths that I've learnt over the last twelve months. Here are some of them which I would like to offer to Female First readers:



1: Look up. Even if you've walked down a road a thousand times before, you'll start noticing new things when you look around. When you start noticing new things, you'll start having new ideas. That's how it began for me, I was wandering around London looking at landmarks I'd walked past before, but then I started looking at them in a different way.

2: Once you have an idea, pursue it. You may not really know what you're doing and the first ten attempts may not end up working how you imagined it to but don't be put off. Keep it up!

3: Meet like-minded people who share your interest. They'll inspire you, encourage you and if you're nice, they'll let you borrow their equipment.

4: Don't be afraid to look foolish in your endeavour. A guy holding up bits of paper in one hand, a camera in another with his face scrunched up against the viewfinder is a ridiculous sight but the results have been worth the confused looks from people walking by.

5: Enjoy it. You won't love every single moment of your pursuit, but that just makes the payoff even more sweeter. Sometimes I'll have a nice idea for a photo but the reality of executing it will involve spending hours finding just the right vantage point (which seems to usually involve standing in the middle of a road and risking my life). Then there's the wind. I've lost track of the number of times I've cursed the wind for causing the paper in my hand to flap erratically. But, if I'm lucky, the wind will die down and the sun will come out and I'll fire off some photos. When I look through them usually they'll be one that works just perfectly. When that happens, I smile to myself. I love that moment.