Although one goal of minimalism is to spend less money, there are still items you need and things you want to do with your life.



By not spending money on an abundance of unnecessary items- it means you can invest your pennies more wisely in quality pieces and experiences. Here are a few suggestions:

Bed: You spend a third of your life in bed so it’s important that you invest in a mattress that supports you and brings you comfort, so you are always well rested when you wake on a morning. Lack of rest can be hugely debilitating so it’s vital that you spend a little extra to get something that will guarantee you time to recuperate after a long, hard day.

Clothes: Having fewer clothes means that you can spend a little more on good quality- long lasting pieces for your wardrobe. That is of course if you need to replace something that worn- it is not an excuse to go out and spend huge amounts of money on changing all of your existing clothes for better brands. As something wears out- seek to replace it with something that will still be serving you in years to come.

Experiences- If you aren’t spending your money on material things and you want to work on making some memories- you can use your money to fulfil this dream because you will have it to spare. If you’ve always wanted to go bunjee jumping, sailing or diving- now’s your chance- the funds are there or can be if you save them up over a period of time.

Jewellery: Just like your clothes- having fewer items means you can spend slightly more on quality pieces of jewellery as opposed to cheaper, fashionable items that inevitably have an expiry date. You will thank yourself in the long run because they are less likely to break and won’t leave a mark on your skin!

Food: If you are a foodie- by not spending your hard-earned cash on stuff that brings you no joy- you can embrace your passion and purchase high quality products as opposed to cheaper substitutes and cook up a storm. Or you can enjoy spending it on eating out in places you couldn’t afford to before.

Furniture: When you need to go out and buy a new piece of furniture- consider paying more than you would have in the past for pieces that you love but also that will stand the test of time. It’s all well and good buying things that are more budget friendly but- as the saying goes- ‘buy cheap- buy twice’. You might as well pay the money out now rather than wasting your time disposing of the poorly made piece only to replace it like for like.

Travelling: If all your money is wrapped up in things in your home- it leaves nothing to see the world with- if that is something on your bucket list or high on your list of priorities. Buying less frees up your income to put towards meeting new people, seeing extraordinary things, experiencing new cultures and soaking up unfamiliar atmospheres.

Which would you rather?

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