Minimalism and creativity can go hand in hand if you allow them to- here’s why:

If you want to paint- paint!

If you want to paint- paint!

Minimalism gives you the space to think: When you aren’t preoccupied with where to put stuff, store things and organise items in your home, this leaves room for thoughts- precious thoughts. The opportunity to create words, music, art and ideas- you name it- there is energy to spare for more worthwhile pursuits.

Minimalism helps you look forward to different things: It might have once been your next package from the postman after an online shopping binge. Now, you look forward to the hour you have to yourself each day to produce something unique to you like a poem or a painting perhaps.

Your home becomes a blank canvas: There is no physical clutter to encourage mental distraction. Your surroundings become the perfect place to allow your mind to wander and new concepts to percolate.

Minimalism encourages you to seek out new passions: If you were someone who didn’t have a hobby before because collecting was your passion or shopping was your vice- in the absence of this- you are left with the scope to embrace your creative side even if you don't know what your creative outlet will be.

Minimalism uncovers old passions too: When sorting through your things- you might find something that you started and never finished. A creative project cast aside for the sake of stuff. This gentle reminder might just spark the joy inside you to return to it once again.

Minimalism stimulates your imagination: There isn’t much room for creativity when your imagination only goes as far as how that new outfit will look on you when it arrives or whether that ornament will match with your other décor. Once these unproductive thoughts are cast aside, there is opportunity for your imagination to go wild.

Minimalism breaks the habit of shopping to aid your creativity: You don’t need the best pen in the world to start writing something amazing or the most expensive book to start sketching something beautiful. If you take away the things you think are hindering your creativity- i.e. the lack of fancy tools- it makes you realise that YOU are enough- without all the bells and whistles of fancy equipment.

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