Over 1.3m of us believe the best thing about a night away in a hotel is not having to make the bed, with 38% of us favouring a freshly made bed over all you can eat breakfast.

Jurys Inn Manchester

Jurys Inn Manchester

Jurys Inn housekeeping experts, who make a whopping 8,338 beds every day, share secret hotel hacks to a freshly made bed in less than 5 mins…

Make hotel-worthy beds at home in 6 easy steps.

6. Fan out crisp, white under sheet

To experience cloud like comfort, crisp white sheets are a must. Over half of Jurys Inn guests cite fresh sheets as their favourite part of the hotel experience, so it fan out crisp white linens across your bed.

5. ‘Hotel Fold’ to keep sheet in position

Jurys Inn staff are taught the signature ‘Hotel Fold’ for sheets and duvet. Instead of creating the rigid ‘Hospital Corner’, two simple tucks is the alternative for ultra-comfortable.

4. Smooth out creases and air bubbles

Taking bed-making to the next level, smooth out creases and air bubbles with the palm of your hand – you’ll never look at a fitted sheet again.

3. Add your duvet and repeat ‘Hotel Fold’

Whether you have gorgeous hotel ready white sheets or colourful patterns, tuck your duvet under the mattress with two folds, from one side to the other. The hotel fold means you’ll feel all tucked in or this technique means the duvet can easily release if you like to stretch your legs during the night.

2. Fluff and smooth pillows

Sinking your head into a freshly fluffed pillow sets the hotel experience apart from the everyday, so always fluff and then smooth the pillow case.

1. Position pillows and ‘corner tweak’ to finish

To give your bed the finishing touch, tweak the corners of your pillows giving them the perfect point.

Follow along with Jurys Inn staff for the ultimate DREAM night sleep:


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