September is an ideal time for reassessing your things in preparation for Christmas because it’s not too close to the big day and won’t interfere with your plans and activities nearer the time. So, here are 10 things you can declutter this month.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Old Hobby stuff: If you didn’t get out during the summer months and use your hobby equipment- chances are you aren’t all that fussed about it anymore. And yes, this includes previous summers too! If you have some old golf clubs, yoga mats or weights lurking around that you haven’t used this year or last- it’s time to get rid. Let go of 'someday'.

Paper: Even if you are on top of your junk mail and file everything away as it comes through the door, there are probably a few pieces of paper that you’ve missed. What about the old catalogue or phone book lurking the drawer? Cleanse your home of any paper you can look up online.

Books: If you’ve had some books in your home for a while now and never had the urge to pick them up and read them- it’s probably because you just don’t fancy finding out what happens in them. In which case- let someone else enjoy the experience and donate them to your local charity shop.

Old food and drink: Perhaps you bought some packet mixes to make something that you’ve not got around to or maybe you invested in some jars or cans that you’ve never used because you’ve stuck with your tried and tested meals instead. If this sounds like you- donate anything that you know you won’t use before it expires to your local food bank.

Teddy bears: These can accumulate every quickly if you don’t keep an eye on them. Concentrate on those that bring back memories for you and that you enjoy looking at each day. Any that are tucked away in a box or drawer aren’t getting the love they deserve. But someone else can offer them this- teddies are there to be cuddled and adored- let them reach their full potential elsewhere.

Old bedding: If you have too many sheets, they are stained or coming away at the seams- it’s time for a sort out. Keep only those what make you want to go to bed- not any that make you dread getting under the duvet.

Games: Both board and video games. Games are designed be played and if you’re not playing them, you are doing them a disservice. Let someone else play them and let your home breathe a sigh of relief as you lighten its load.

Kitchenware: Anything that you have used in the last nine months is a good indicator of what the real you is like in the kitchen as opposed to the aspirational you. If you once fancied yourself as a smoothie blender, baker, soup stirrer or waffle maker but haven’t felt the urge to do any of these things lately- it’s probably same to assume that you never will. Give your cupboards a rest and get these items out of your home.

Photos: You are probably going to take a whole new batch of pictures around the festive season- in which case- get rid of any that are duplicated and choose the best of the bunch, any that you hate or don’t know who the people are in them.

Blame: More one for you than your home but stop blaming others for what’s not going right in your own life. Your world is under your control, if you don’t like something in it- change it and don’t automatically blame someone else. This will get you nowhere- a proactive approach on the other hand will get you moving.

Happy September!

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