As we head into a new month- it’s the perfect time to reassess your things. If you didn’t start your decluttering process last month- dont worry, use February as a clean slate and get started now. Here are some areas of the home you can turn your attention to: 

February on Female First

February on Female First

Cans: Take all of the cans out of your cupboards and check the date on every single one. If any are out of date, dispose of these- but also use the time to be honest with yourself about what you are actually going to eat. If there are a few cans that have been in there for some time and you know you will never reach for them- donate them to your local food bank before they go out of date. Lastly and most importantly, put them all back in date order so you always use the cans that are going out of date first. 

Baking goods: Use the same technique as the cans and take everything out of your cupboards that relates to baking- including consumables and equipment. If anything is out of date, this is your first port of call- get rid of this. If anything is about to go out of date either plan to use it or donate it if it hasn’t been opened. Again, consider the last time you used your baking tins, hand mixer and cookie cutters. If you can’t remember- chances are you aren’t as passionate about baking as you once were. Perhaps you never were and bought them on a whim- in which case- give them to someone who will get enjoyment out of using them. 

Dental products: If you have a bunch of old toothbrushes- it’s time to declutter these down to one per person who lives in your house. If you have a half empty bottle of mouthwash that you never use, now is the time to get rid. Perhaps you have an old electric toothbrush that broke years ago- if so- recycle it. This section of the home can be easily overlooked but one that only needs a minimum amount of tools and products- a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss are all you really need. 

Snacks: Go to the area of your kitchen where you keep all the snacks- or any hidey holes you have in other areas of the house like your bedside table and go through each item. Is it in date? Do you even like the snack? Would someone else enjoy it more than you? If so- give it away to someone who likes the product or donate it to a food bank if it’s not been opened. Whatever is left- eat these before buying anymore so you don’t get a backlog. 

Wedding items: You will probably want to keep a few key items from your big day, but there are always things that can be pared down. If you kept all of the centrepieces from your wedding breakfast tables- why not just keep one and  make it a focal point in your home? If you kept all of the cards you received- you could always choose your favourites and frame them for your wall while discarding the rest. Similarly- any papers from your wedding day such as the order of the day, a sample invitation or vows can also be framed to enjoy every day. 

Breakfast items: Do you have egg cups that never see the light of day? A pancake/waffle maker that has been used once and hidden in the back of the cupboard since? If this sounds like you- it might be time to post these items on a local buying and selling site to make money AND save space.  If you are a cereal kind of person-you don’t need anything but a bowl and a spoon. If you fancy something different once a year- go out for breakfast instead. 

Bird feeders and tables: Over the winter months, if these items are left to the elements they can become cracked or rotten from the damp. If this is the case, declutter the pieces that are past their best and either invest in something more hardwearing or feed the birds in your garden another way. Use an old dinner plate and put seed on that instead so you can bring it back inside and clean it before you restock.  

Happy decluttering!

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