Daily Horoscope

Romance is well starred and if there is someone you wanted to seduce or get to know on a more personal level, then this is the week to do so.

Be nice to new faces in business.

They hold all the power Ring now so we can talk mixed emotions.

Weekly Horoscope

Relationships are never an easy thing for a sign such as you, but with each failure comes a lesson and that makes for a much wiser Cancerian than the one I wrote to at the beginning of the year.

An influence who is attached to the life of a close one is becoming a nuisance.

Bide your time, they will be gone before you know it my friend.

Ring now to hear how overseas links are lucky for you.

Monthly Horoscope

Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing.

We know you’re an emotive sign.

How could you not be, you are a water sign! What you find out about yourself, is that you have all the answers you need and that you don’t need to ask others.

Travel plans you make for later this year may prove costlier than you had hoped, but stick to your plans and dreams, they are possible with a little more forward planning.

Being on time from the 23rd onwards is imperative to your good reputation.

Ring now so we can talk about picking up on those lost dreams.