Daily Horoscope

Don’t drop your arrangements just because others are giving you the run around.

Surely it is far better for you to put your time and effort into your dreams, rather than in the arguments others are trying to push you into.

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Weekly Horoscope

There is a really lucky feel to your chart which makes it possible for you to take chances you would normally shy away from.

Be true to yourself and know what your own priorities are so they’re not mistaken for the wishes of others.

Remember you’re a Leo and a born leader.

Making headway in family matters on Friday makes for some exciting new plans.

Ring for details.

Monthly Horoscope

If you don’t like something change it.

If you can’t change it, then change your attitude.

You have been allowing a past event to bring you down and it’s time you put it firmly behind you.

The here and now is what matters.

Knowing what you want from family, which I in my opinion is support, is half your battle.

Speak your mind.

By holding back all you are doing is casting yourself in an immature and uncommunicative light.

Happy times link to you saying yes to invites which you have shied away from earlier this year.

Ring now to hear how love and a white lie make for an interesting story.