Ahead of the summer season that is (slowly) approaching, ladies in the UK have shared their opinion on eight important things to look out for in swimwear. Bravissimo has surveyed 1000 women in the UK who wear a cup size D and above to find out what are the factors that help women with bigger boobs feel confident in swimwear.




This might come as a surprise but UK woman value comfort over fashion. 79% of survey respondents said that nothing can beat the feeling of being comfortable in your swimwear which takes number one position on the list of swimwear needs.

Flattering your shape

It’s not always easy finding the right fit to flatter your shape but a fitting could make this much easier. However, 91% of Bravissimo survey respondents have not been fitted for swimwear and 68% didn't know this was an available service. Getting the size and shape right allows you to feel confident in your swimwear that flatters your shape while at the same time ensuring that everything is in the right place.

Support for your boobs

Feeling supported ranked highly in the survey with 71% respondents saying that boob support is an important factor to consider when choosing your swimwear. Being in your swimwear means having little clothes on so support makes a big difference in boosting confidence.

Lots of coverage

Wearing a cup size D and above means that coverage is often considered when deciding on swimwear. 38% of survey respondents agreed that feeling confident in swimwear depends on the amount of coverage that ensures that nothing is outside of your “comfort zone”.


Although not a priority, UK women do care about their swimwear being fashionable. Colours that match your tan and designs to complement your figure are an important part of choosing the right beach gear.

Suitable for sports and activities

Finding a swimming suit that is suitable for sports and other beach activities is a big deal. The fact that 58% of respondents agree that they do not feel comfortable taking part in an activity whilst wearing swimwear brings to light the role of swimwear in boosting women's confidence. Some of the activities that women feel uncomfortable doing in swimwear include sports e.g. volleyball on the beach (58%), while 24% of respondents do not feel comfortable talking to other holidaymakers in swimwear. And that can change with the choice you make when deciding which bikini to go for.

Quick dry

UK women decided that quick dry takes 7th place in what they value the most in swimwear. Not only is it uncomfortable sitting in wet clothes, having a swimsuit that takes long time to dry may cause health issues such as encourage growth of bacteria and infections.

Great for tanning

16% of UK women surveyed mentioned they feel uncomfortable sunbathing and 19% consider this one of the priorities when purchasing a swim suit. And who doesn’t?! Summer is all about getting a healthy tan and your swimwear should be your best buddy on this quest.

Summer is the time to feel confident, empowered and proud of your body and the right choice of swimming suit brings you a step closer to it.

Check out the full results of the swimwear survey on the Bravissimo website together with holiday stories from 'big boob hacks' – digging 'boob holes' in the sand to sunbathe on their front, to funny stories of friends trying to use their bikini as a hammock.

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