The sun is (finally) shining - and we’re all looking forward to going on holiday at some point this year - even if it’s a staycation or a virtual trip to Florida in our back garden.

Susie Hasler

Susie Hasler

With this in mind, our thoughts turn to swimwear - and how to choose the right one to suit our own individual shape.

Whether you’re an hourglass with a nipped-in waist, or an apple with great legs, there’s a style to flatter your figure.

Here, award-winning stylist, Susie Hasler, who runs Styled By Susie [] and specialises in styling women on a budget, reveals her top swimsuit choices for every body shape.


The hourglass figure is perfectly balanced and in proportion with great waist definition. The hourglass shape looks best in styles that accentuate their perfect proportions and accentuate the waist.

Look for v and scoop necklines to flatter the bust and draw the eye towards your slimmest part – the waist! 

Ruching is great for minimising the tummy and patterns work well for your shape. This season, look for animal prints as well as stripes. Thicker stripes are more slimming than thinner ones.

If you’re looking for a two piece, you’re best with high-cut, high-waisted bottoms. 

They will accentuate your silhouette and lengthen the legs. Retro styles such as halternecks or sweetheart necklines will also work well for you. 

Celeb Hourglasses: Holly Willoughby, Kelly Brook, Nigella Lawson.


Women with a rectangle shape are slender with a lack of waist definition, but they can carry off so many styles. 

If you’re looking for a new swimsuit to wear at the or just lazing in the garden, look for ruffles, prints, patterns and even strapless styles. 

Hipster style bottoms will add curves to your shape, while padded tops will fill out the bust.

You can also look for added details such as belts, interesting straps and even cut out styles to add texture and definition to the style (just be careful of dodgy tan lines!).

Celeb Rectangles: Duchess of Cambridge, Fearne Cotton, Jennifer Aniston.


Apple-shaped women have narrow shoulders and hips but tend to carry most of their bulk around the bust and tummy area. 

They also have great legs that should be accentuated by wearing the right outfits, and lower necklines to show off their fabulous boobs.

V and scoop necks work best and if you’re going for strappy, ensure the straps are thick and supportive. 

Go for big, bold patterns to skim over the tummy and don’t hide away in a safe black swimsuit!

Celeb Apples: Catherine Zeta Jones, Pink, Jennifer Hudson.


Pear-shaped women have narrow shoulders, broad hips and small waists. 

The key to balancing out your style if you fall into this category is by focusing on the top half. 

Technically, a pear should stick to plain on the bottom and party on the top. However, there are some pear shapes that can break these rules (that’s where a bespoke analysis comes into play).

This can be done with ruffled bikini tops, high neckline swimsuits and high-cut bottoms. 

Pears should also avoid ruffles and stripes on the bottom half, as well as low-rise bikini bottoms.

Celeb Pears: Emma Willis, Kimberley Walsh, Kim Kardasian.


Strawberry ladies vary, much like any other shape. They are broader on the top than bottom, and many ‘Strawbs’ did lots of swimming as a youngster. 

They can have broad shoulders and a small bust, or they can just be full busted with narrow hips. 

Attention should be drawn to their narrowest part, so you can go for bikinis with ruffled bottoms. 

Look for tops with deep v necks and avoid strapless and strappy styles at all costs.

Celeb Strawberries: Cindy Crawford, Salma Hayek, Billie Faiers.

Cover Ups

Gone are the days of the sarong, and in its place are so many more flattering, more versatile styles.

These suit all body shapes and the beauty of them is that many can be dressed up for evening wear to give you more wear.

Zip Ups

Hurrah for zip-up swimsuits. Not only do they suit all body shapes, but they’re perfect for mums; especially when you’re running around after the kids.

You can unzip them when you sunbathe, and then zip them up again when you’re bending down making sandcastles or putting suncream on little ones.

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