From travelling abroad to find the perfect fabrics to collaborating with exciting influencers, the life of an up-and-coming fashion designer is certainly exciting and seems very glamorous. However, the process of developing a design from sketch to catwalk is no easy feat, especially as a creative new to the fashion world, working tirelessly to develop their brand; after all, he (or she) is surrounded by a never-ending stream of competition and potential criticism.

The fashion world is an incredibly hard one to crack

The fashion world is an incredibly hard one to crack

Often, passion for their trade leads fashion designers to late nights, very early mornings, constant emails and detailed research. Still, this busy lifestyle continues to fascinate anyone obsessed with the latest trends.

To give a peak behind the scenes, up-and-coming fashion designer Anunita describes a typical ‘day in the life’, helping us to better understand the detail that goes into creating a perfect piece. Channelling the beauty of her mother, modern styles and exotic textiles, Anunita’s fusion collection is one to watch, meaning her lifestyle has drastically changed from her previous career as a freelance university lecturer.

Anunita says that “most days start at about 6:30am with a cup of coffee, wandering around the house, watching birds at her bird bath”. Although, this bliss is often not long-lasting; Anunita promptly gets her sketch pad and a pencil to draw a few designs that have been racing around her mind since going to bed the night before.

Anunita draws inspiration from her surroundings and childhood; as a result, she’s constantly thinking about exciting new textiles and cuts – even when she doesn’t quite realise it! She says that “these designs come in fits and starts but normally I won’t forget my ideas until they’ve been sketched out”.

After an enjoyable start to the day, Anunita’s pace picks up with “a series of emails I need to respond to and a list of ‘things to do’ which need addressing to be ticked off”. She does confess however that these aren’t her most exciting tasks and temptation can sometimes take over, leading her to temporarily avoid these responsibilities in favour of sketching more designs or textile research, gathering her thoughts on the next collection. Anunita’s brand incorporates the finest materials and patterns, so this is a particular passion of hers.

Anunita’s love for textiles often shakes up this routine in exciting ways; she frequently takes trips abroad to source only the best hand-woven fabrics, meeting inspiring artisans and craftsmen before returning with hope to create her bespoke collections. The life of a fashion designer truly does include jet-setting around the world!

The day usually finishes with seeing a friend for dinner, shooting with her model, clearing up technical matters to do with her website, listening to music over dinner at home or spending time with the family. Owning your own business often means you’re never off the clock, so Anunita’s work can take her into the night. It is this extra effort however that can make the difference between your designs being a huge success or falling flat – relying solely on your own talents can be pressured but is also incredibly satisfying! If you’d like to check out Anunita’s collection, visit

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