Underwired and inner cups- You want as much bust support as possible while in and out of the water. Inner support in the form of an underwire and cups can make you feel more secure when you wear your suit.

Active Swim Soft Suit

Active Swim Soft Suit

Quick drying fabric- There is nothing worse than a swimsuit that retains the water. It makes you feel weighed down and cold. A quick drying fabric will make that walk to the lockers more bearable.

Chlorine resistant property- This will make your suit last longer as it is more durable and maintains the shape and colour of the garment.

High neck- You will need a neckline that comes above the top of your bust, as this will ensure you don't fall out of your swimsuit while you are doing laps.

Cross over back- This ensures you will not be adjusting your straps at the end of every length, offering you even more support and confidence in the water so you can concentrate on what you're there to do.

Soft Fabric- If you're going to be exercising for long periods- your kit needs to be comfortable on your skin. Make sure that you choose something that feels like an extension of you and not something that will cause irritation from repetitive movement.

Practical- Avoid costumes with a lot of details- go for plain and ones that lie flat against your body.

Streamlined- Opt for a swimsuit that has vertical stripes down the sides, as this will make you go that little bit faster as it's working with your body not against it.

Bum coverage- It's best to look for a swimsuit that has plenty of material covering your bottom as this will prevent the suit riding up and encourage it to stay in place so you're not left adjusting it while you're in the zone.

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